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Spirit, Pride and Fashion

September’s showcase of ready-to-wear fashions isn’t limited to New York, Paris, London and Milan. Rather, style liaisons like Anne Stegen, a senior at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, shape the runway for college fashionistas.

Goldtember, as Stegen cleverly coined her all-gold September ensembles, represents a merging of fashion and collegiate spirit in the form of a 30-day wardrobe fast that disallows anything but ASU’s goldenrod gold.  Borne out of a heaping dose of Sun Devil pride and reassuring encouragement from her Taylor Place residents, Community Assistant Stegen decided that as an ultimate token of appreciation to Sparky she would don gold each day in September.

“Goldtember started last year when my residents dared each other to wear gold for an entire week leading up to the football game,” Stegen said.  “I told them I had enough t-shirts to wear gold everyday in September.  I decided it would be a fun and crazy spirit thing to do.”

Encouraged by her coworkers to again take on the Goldtember challenge, Stegen decided she wanted to take this year’s September gold rush even more seriously than the last, doling out prized time and money toward crafting a fashionably gold wardrobe.

“Anytime my friends are shopping and find something really pretty in the goldenrod color, they show me, I laugh and then I go buy it,” Stegen said.

Stegen said she had collected a plethora of ASU gold t-shirts, but wanted Goldtember to become more of a fashion statement than a gold t-shirt saga. She scavenged retailers like Target, Forever 21 and H&M for gold pieces that suited her taste.  With gold as a cornerstone color of the season, Stegen found sophisticated pieces like blazers, cardigans, heels and statement necklaces that were tailored to her style.

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“It’s possible to represent ASU and wear gold without wearing t-shirts every day.  Conformity comes in wearing gold every day and conforming to the ASU brand, but you can express own style within that if you really try.”

Jessica Abercrombie

Photo Credits: Jessica Abercrombie


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