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Spring 2019 outfit inspiration

By: Riley Anderson

Spring has sprung, giving us all a chance to try new styles and freshen up our wardrobes. There are so many trends I love this spring, but here are a few pieces and looks I have been wearing often to embrace the new season. Enjoy!

Look 1:

Shoes: I am obsessed with these FILA shoes, I wear them everywhere. I’m all for the all white chunky shoe trend and these are so comfortable, how can I not wear them? They are also a good price, I got mine from Urban Outfitters.

Clothes: My pants are from PacSun and I found the top at a thrift store in Downtown Phoenix. 

Accessories: My belt is from Brandy Melville. I really love the chain belts and this one is great because you can make it short or long. My lightning bolt earrings are from Urban Outfitters. I am in love with them, I think lightning bolts are so fun for the spring time!

Look 2:

Shoes: I love Doc Martens so much! I just recently got some and I wear them ALL the time. They’re pricey but it really believe the cost is worth it. The material is really nice and I’ve been told they’ll last me a while. I have the original shiny leather style.

Clothes: My blazer was thrifted, originally from TopShop. I really love the color of it and the oversized blazer trend. My top is from American Threads. I love the little gold stars on it and the back is open, so perfect for spring! My jeans are from Forever 21 and I am not kidding when I say they are the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever owned.

Accessories: My one accessory is my little black leather backpack. I got this at Forever 21 red, a basically more organized Forever 21. I highly recommend checking those out versus the normal Forever 21.

Look 3:

Shoes: Doc Martens

Clothes: My top is from Urban Outfitters. I think it’s really fun because it’s off the shoulder and the bright orange color makes a tan pop! My shorts are also from Urban Outfitters, I really love their shorts and they always seem to have a nice fit.

Accessories: My belt is from American Threads. I love it, I am obsessed with cheetah print right now. I also think belts add so much style to any outfit, especially when you’re wearing simple clothes.


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