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Spring into Style Runway Show 2017: Sneak peek of the season’s up and coming trends

By Mackinley Lutes-Adlhoch and Emily Taylor Photos by Phoenix Fashion Week

What better way to celebrate the commencement of spring 2017 than with the trendiest stylists in Arizona. Phoenix Fashion Week put on its annual Spring into Style show this past weekend, Mar. 25, at the luxurious Phoenician Resort. With a stylist press conference, community of lifestyle bloggers and runway show of killer looks, it was definitely a night of glitz and glamour.

Spring into Style 2017 Picture 2

The stars of the show were six leading stylists: Style Stalkers, Ashley Paige, Sandra Mateu Yotty, Sarah Parks, Mitch Phillips and Parisa Zahedi. Each collaborated with local retailers to create their signature collections and showcase the upcoming trends of this spring season.  

Style Stalkers were the first to strut the runway. This stylish sibling trio founded their private company back in 2011 and have been inspiring the fashion community ever since.

The sister of the bunch, Ketonya, received a degree in fashion merchandising with a minor in advertising. Her brother, Shimon, immersed himself into the cosmetic side of fashion by working as a hair stylist for a number of celebrities, including Ciara. Though the last of the group, Shimeon, could not be at the event, his influence was definitely present on stage.

Spring into Style 2017 Picture 8

They speak to their followers through a style blog all about innovative street style of today. By giving shout-outs to emerging local boutiques and designers, the group further shows their support for fellow fashion-lovers.

Throughout the show, it became evident Style Stalkers are masters at incorporating elegant yet bold pieces into their everyday looks.

“We bring out the best style in you,” said co-founder, Ketonya, about the company’s overall goal.

Statement sleeves were the core of their looks…and making a statement is just what they did. Though wearing such sleeves can be a bit intimidating, these stylists had a way of making them stand out, while not straying attention away from the model. The key to rocking this trend is keeping your look simple and cohesive.

Ashley Paige’s big pink curls and floral accents stood out among even a crowd of fashionistas. Paige began her career doing makeup, hair and modeling. She often directed and styled her own shoots and loved being able to do things her own way. This love of styling developed from her cosmetology background and grew into a full-fledged passion for fashion.

Spring into Style 2017 Picture 4

This season, Paige aimed to illustrate an alternative side to the classic floral trend. Her models wore plenty of black and red, unlike most spring ads which highlight pastels and bright colors. Real flowers were worked into several of the looks and every model had a beautifully dark and romantic floral headpiece – think flower crown of an evil queen. It was clear Paige knows how to execute her vision, and the show represented her trend in a unique and unexpected way.

Though many shy away from the color yellow, Sandra Mateu Yotty proved it should not be feared but embraced. She revealed all the fun and fabulous ways one can style this color without it being overwhelming to the eye.

Though she went to school for television production, she created a fashion blog on the side. She took the leap and opened her very own business when it really began taking off. She evidently gained great experience throughout her time in the industry, as she spilled several words of style wisdom on to the audience.

Spring into Style 2017 Picture 10

“My biggest pet peeve is not dressing for the occasion, and I think every day is an occasion,” said Yotty.

This concept was evident in each of her runway looks. By pairing various silhouettes and patterns with a strong pop of yellow, this style guru created ensembles fit for every occasion this season. Each model walked with spring in her step, owning this tricky tone. Miss Arizona was even spotted sporting this trend in a flowy, yellow tube top dress.

For all the men out there seeking a new look this spring season, Sarah Parks has your back. She spoke to three different travelers with her looks in the show, demonstrating men can have fun switching up their wardrobe too.

Although she was a financing major in college, she fell in love with styling about four years ago and has made a name for herself in the industry since. Her collection allowed her to stand apart from the crowd as it was strictly male wear. The models sported looks ranging from edgy, classic and casual. To create these various looks, she adorned the men with backpacks and pieces of structured fit.

Polka dots and stripes and leopard, oh my! Mixing prints is, well, terrifying for many people. But rather than running away, stylist Mitch Phillips runs towards the challenge. Her show this year represented the trend of mixing prints.

Spring into Style 2017 Picture 6

Phillips wished to show that anyone is capable of mixing prints, as well as the importance of not being afraid to try new (and maybe scary) things in our wardrobes. Down the runway walked men and women effortlessly owning golden robes, leopard swimsuits  and even a thick clear plastic poncho…I speak for every person in the audience when I say we all wanted to buy that poncho.

Phillips’ luxury vintage store, Rare Scarf Vintage, dresses the ultimate cool girl who is confident in her fashion sense and not afraid to take some risks. To read more about Mitch Phillips, check out The Chic Daily’s previous article on her.

“Dream it. Make it. Run it.” That is the motto of stylist Parisa Zahedi and her store Curiios that revolves around dramatic monochromatic looks. She fell into personal styling and personal shopping a decade ago, which led to the opening of her shop.

Spring into Style 2017 Picture 5

Zahedi represented the trend punk at this year’s show, and made it clear she wanted to take the trend to new levels. Pre-show, Zahedi warned the crowd, “I hope I don’t scare the hell out of you.” In typical punk fashion, her models strutted their stuff to rock music sporting leather, studs and the iconic smeared eyeliner and red lipstick look.

After getting over the initial shock of fishnets over the models’ faces, it was evident Zahedi put every detail of her outfits together. The perfect description of her vibe is to be found on her shop’s website: a curiios babe is “a powerhouse by day and a party junkie by night.”

Spring into Style 2017 Picture 3

The night celebrated fun and fabulous fashion. We’re so thankful we had the opportunity to attend the 2017 Spring into Style show and cannot wait to sport these up and coming trends ourselves. If you give any of these looks a try please be sure to post a pic and tag us on social media!

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