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Spring-Summer Florals

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

By Shiva Zokaei

Contemporary-classic florals are essential for connecting your fashion statements with authentic nature this summer. Spanning from femininity, to androgyny, and even masculinity floral prints are suitable for all people, regardless of their gender identity. 

The inclusivity that is existent within floral prints has made them a staple for the summer, and something that we are seeing more and more in the fashion world.

Fashion Week has been obsessed with floral prints with 1480 floral looks showing a 17% growth rate spanning the most recent fashion week. Fashion Week acts as an opinionated identity stipulating the trendiest fashion takes of the season.

Fashion Week, herself, comments on traditional florals by introducing new methods of exploring nature via mixed-textiles and layering to showcase organic movement in nature.

Fashionista’s expression of love for small floral prints is evident in the trending floral swimsuits from Blackbough Swim and lunch dresses like LoveShackFancy. The design visions explored in Fashion Week expertly target the renewal of spring and the welcoming of summer as it uplifts the wearer’s mood. 

This summer will act as a new beginning for many of us. Our world is officially putting the pandemic behind us, and we are ready for a big hurrah, once again. Smaller floral print styles reflect the positive thoughts peppering the wearer’s mind’ as does the fabric. Themes of revival, rebirth, and the zeitgeist of the Renaissance are prominent when capturing Fashion Week’s modern twist on vintage-classical, Roman floral themes.


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