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Style Steal: Ashley Benson

By Davyn Matte

I have to thank Pretty Little Liars for thrusting Ashley Benson into the spotlight. Her character Hanna Marin may ooze with rich-girl style in her designer clothes, but in real-life Benson is edgy and laid-back in her style.

You’ll typically see her in beanies and be sporting a graphic-tee. This type of laid-back, skater style is one of my favorites–which is why I had to steal it from her.

Cheetah Chic

I dare you to find one aspect of this outfit you like more than the rest because I couldn’t. The cheetah boots add a pop of personality that is sure to catch the eye, and the furry black sweater is both unbelievably comfortable and extremely chic.


Photo courtesy of Daily Mail.

The skinny jeans are a good transition from the oversized sweater to the chunky boot. Benson has a thing for tote bags, and I have no doubt you have at least one to complete this outfit.

Red Hot

This wouldn’t be an Ashley Benson style steal if I didn’t include a graphic tee and beanie. This look can be recreated in so many ways to allow for your personality to come through.


Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

If you start off with the t-shirt or beanie in black or white you can easily pair it with something more colorful as an accent. I don’t know what shoes she was wearing for this but to keep with the theme, I chose to complete the look with a pair of black vans.

Flannels for Days

Raise your hand if you plan to wear this outfit repeatedly throughout winter. 🙋 This is one of those outfits that takes five minutes to put together, but it looks like you put loads of effort into your morning routine.


Photo courtesy of Christie’s Closet.

All you need is a plain t-shirt, preferably loose-fitted, ripped black jeans, an oversized flannel and black boots. Top it all off with a long necklace, and you’re ready to conquer the day.

While it may not seem like the laid-back style takes a lot of effort, it is an art in itself, and we have to give Ashley Benson credit for rocking it. I’ll definitely be turning to these outfits a lot over the next few months!

Which fit is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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