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Style Steal: Iconic Halloween Costumes

By Davyn Matte

Creativity never dies, but it does strike at different times–specifically around Halloween. This is the time of year that our Instagram feed is full of inspiration from friends, celebrities and Youtubers. Whoever you want to be, it’s a given you want to flex your skills in the costume department.

With so many Halloween costumes out there, it can be overwhelming to narrow down your search. I’ve got three looks for you that are iconic but leave room for creativity.

Casey Becker:

Can you name a more iconic scene in the opening of a movie? Casey Becker aka Drew Barrymore, while short-lived, had one of the best outfits in Scream. I’ve always envied her white sweater and boyfriend jeans. Thankfully you can wear the entire outfit anytime outside of Halloween.


I found the sweater on Amazon for $15.99 and I have seen similar styles at H&M. Walmart has a great selection of wigs that won’t break the bank. If you store them right throughout the year it should last you a while. I would say the phone is optional but without it how would you call for help?

Bride of Chucky:

How can you resist a purple smokey-eye, leather jacket and fishnets? You can’t. The only thing rivaling the Bride of Chucky’s iconic style is her attitude. You can have a lot of fun with the makeup and thanks to the Jaclyn Hill Palette, your options are endless.

The outfit is pretty neutral in terms of color you don’t need to worry about it clashing with your vibrant makeup. I even used the same wig from the previous costume and just styled it differently instead of buying 2 wigs.


I admit that it was hard to find a dress that would work for this option and not spend $30, but this flowy dress was only $15.99 on Amazon. I like this option because not only can you wear it after Halloween but we can also use it to create our next look.

Bride of Frankenstein:

We’re back at it again with the white dress! This time without the leather jacket so we can embrace the cut out in the sleeves. Outside the white dress, what you do with the outfit is up to you. Do you want to be a little polished? Opt for some heels or wedges. Or if you’re feeling more casual a pair of cute lace-up sandals do the trick.


The makeup is more involved for this look. You still have the opportunity to play around with your eyeshadow and lipstick. I was able to use the same makeup from the Bride of Chucky costume for this look. I only had to add the stitches on the side of my face.

You can use either Halloween makeup or liquid eyeliner, to get this look. Then add some white to highlight the areas and some red to add more definition. Your hair should be volumized for this look, so I opted to leave my hair curly and use that natural volume to create a bun. From there, I added in the black and white spray-on hair color.

Hopefully, you feel inspired now as you decide on your costume this year! These three options are so fun and easy. The clothing itself is versatile and won’t be something you just wear once and toss into a storage container only to be seen again during Halloween.

Tag us on Instagram or Twitter @TheChicDaily if you try out any of these looks! 


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