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Style Steal: What Would Blair Waldorf Wear?

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

By: Brooklynn Doren

The hit TV drama Gossip Girl was basically every teenage girl’s bible during the 20th century.

After the premiere of the show, applications to NYU skyrocketed and just about everyone was suffering from “headband headaches.”

I spent my fair share of time swooning over sleazy, manipulative but sexy Chuck Bass, who ended up changing my relationship standards forever.

However, Gossip Girl was more than just an escape from my boring life into a world of insanely hot, rich and famous teenagers. It taught me legitimate lessons about friendships, confidence, love, and most importantly fashion!

Blair Waldorf is single-handedly the most important character in the TV series, especially when it came to style.

Roughly 13 years after the first episode aired, her iconic looks are still around and definitely are on the come up. Her preppy wardrobe essentials are making their mark on the 2019 fashion scene in a new way.

Headbands: Tiaras But Better!

Season 1, Episode 1 was the first time the world ever saw Blair Waldorf and the first time her signature headband look made an appearance.

The trend quickly went out of style but is definitely making a comeback. Stores like Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus have recently started selling elaborate headbands that have slip knots, pearls and more.

Make a Statement, Wear a Blazer

Blazers were a staple piece in Blair Waldorf’s closet. While they have stayed around forever in the business realm of fashion, blazers are now becoming the hot, casual trend as well. Whether your blazer of choice is oversized, cropped or just plain old fitted, you can pull the look off too!

“Tights are not pants!” -Blair Waldorf

Blair always knew how to rock the tights, but if she was in 2019, she’d be switching up how she wears them. Sexier tight looks are in and lots of skin is being shown! My personal favorite style has to be when the tights are layered underneath a pair of jeans. It adds a pop of personality, another one of Waldorf’s trademarks, to an old pair of pants.

Lingerie… But Like Classy

Blair Waldorf wore lingerie nearly every day of her life, not only as a fashion statement but for herself.

2019 Blair Waldorf would die knowing her lingerie didn’t have to stay underneath her clothing. Lace bodysuits can be brilliant tops when paired with just about any pant. Mini slip dresses make an appearances just about every night out! 

Blair Waldorf’s fashion has left impact on a lot of women. These trends may come and go, but she left her mark within the hearts of us all.

So next time your struggling putting together an outfit ask yourself “What would Blair Waldorf wear?”

— XoXo Gossip Girl


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