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Sun Devils Wear Prada: The Campus Collection

Sun Devils Wear Prada’s hosted event, Sun Devils Wear Prada: The Campus Collection, took place on Sept. 27 at the Galvin Playhouse from 7 to 10 p.m.

Sun Devils Wear Prada is a student club organization that shows girls how to dress practically and let their true beauty stand out. In its first year as a student organization, Sun Devils Wear Prada is focusing on hosting events that help students on campus connect with fashion, from accessory exchanges throughout the dorms to their most recent fashion show event.

According to club president, Ellyse Crow, The Campus Collection strove to help college students “look better and feel better” by showing them practical and affordable clothes to wear in different scenarios.

Attendees received a celebrity entrance, walking in on a red carpet and having their picture taken. At the event were representatives from Toni and Guy and Bare Essentials, along with an online analysis, to help girls find their perfect hair cut and skin color.

Students could feel the excitement as they waited in anticipation for the show to begin.

To start the show, Sun Devils Wear Prada founder Windy Smith shared her purpose for the organization.

“Young women in college need to be led into learning how to be beautiful,” she said.

Smith was followed by fashion expert Shari Braendel. Throughout the first hour of the event, Braendel discussed body types, colors and proportions for all women to keep in mind while they are planning their wardrobe.

For the show’s finale, models representing 14 organizations on the runway illustrated Braendel’s tips for school, career and formal scenarios.

The idea behind the campus collection was “figuring out who you are and projecting that through clothes,” said Sun Devils Wear Prada Public Relations Agent Hillary White.

To end the night, suited up fellows from the Man Up club passed out goody bags to each attendee as they exited the event.

This fashion show event continues to evolve, with many different stores represented this year and even a shop-off the Saturday after the event, where attendees received 10 to 70 percent off at stores throughout the San Tan Village Mall. The idea behind the shop-off was to implement what attendees they learned at the show, applying it to their wardrobe.

With all these changes, however, Sun Devils Wear Prada insists that one thing remains stagnant. “We have the same heart,” White said.

Stacia Affelt


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