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Take Me Out to the Ballgame: Spring Training Attire

The sun shines on the freshly cut green grass in the outfield as the maintenance team waters the infield. Fans from all over wear the names of star players on their backs combined with signature baseball caps. Young kids clench their gloves tightly as they await the arrival of their favorite players. Vendors yell “Peanuts, get your peanuts” while they walk up and down each section. A thrill of excitement encompasses the stadium as the teams take the field. It’s time to dust off your ball caps and pull out your jerseys because Spring Training has officially arrived.

Players may strikeout, but your outfit doesn’t have to. Here are some ways to ensure your outfits will always be a hit.

Baseball 2

Baseball 1

A sheer white top, floral print jeans, Converse and a blushed-colored scarf topped off with a baseball cap create a laid-back look perfect for watching your team make a double play.

Baseball 3

Photo Courtesy of Stylin Days

A faded baseball cap, dark-washed jean shorts, tan leather sandals and a white t-shirt paired with a striped scarf is a simple yet stylish outfit that ensures you won’t wind up in a pickle.

Baseball 4

A cream-colored chiffon cami, a gray knit cardigan, black Converse, rolled up blue jeans and a black ball cap create an ideal outfit perfect for your Jumbotron debut.

A sheer t-shirt, dark-washed jeans, Converse and a baseball cap with your favorite team’s logo are just a few essential pieces that can make your outfit a homerun. Don’t be afraid to throw some changeups when it comes to accessories. Don’t forget to show off your outfit choice while singing “Take Me out to the Ballgame” during the seventh inning stretch. Remember, your sense of style doesn’t have to be thrown out when you attend a man’s game. Be confident in your attire. Who knows, it may become America’s next pastime.

By Shelby Hyde


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