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The Anatomy of a Good Arm Party

Nothing completes an outfit quite like a strategic mixture of bracelets with varied colors, shapes and styles. This curious combination of jewelry is often referred to among accessory aficionados as an “arm party.” The jazzy name alone conveys a fun sense of celebration, and what’s not to celebrate when you look fabulous? Check out these bracelet combo ideas to add some pizzazz to your next outfit, because any outfit could benefit from a good arm party.

Photo _1

Spice up a simple watch with some chic bracelets to look twice as sophisticated. The key is to pick a common color that anchors the watch to the other Bracelets—in this case, mint green. Pyramid studs and chevron, both geometric, also play against each other well. The pearl bracelet in the center keeps things classy, making this a perfect arm party for when you need to look professional.

Photo _2

Go dark with pops of jet black contrasted with simple silver rhinestones. Use a larger statement piece to tie everything together (like in the photo) or throw on a smattering of small black and silver bracelets to amp up the edginess. The mix of hip and elegant makes this a versatile combo for tons of different outfits, especially if you need to dress up but still want to throw in a little bit of personal flair.

Photo _3

White and gold are one of the chicest, most crisp color combinations. The white keeps things classic, while the gold majorly pumps up the luxe factor. The mix of sophisticated pearls and edgy studs just goes to show that opposites do attract, with the two styles juxtaposing each other in such a daring way. Implement this arm party when you want to play up the preppiness of an outfit.

Photo _4

Capitalize on the classic glamour of white and gold, but this time add a pop of color. Rich colors like cobalt blue (pictured) or other jewel tones like emerald green or crimson red can tie the arm party into your outfit even more and also add a playful element to the look. The light touch of gold on the center bracelet here makes the royal blue addition look right at home next to its gleaming gold counterparts.

Photo _5

If the ascendency of pastels into the fashion limelight rendered your stylish heart all aflutter (believe me, I can relate), then this is the arm party for you. Cotton candy colors like mint green and pale pink add a girly element to sophisticated pearls and rhinestones, rounding off the romantically vintage look. Pair with girly florals or flowing pieces to intensify the vibe, or wear with sharper, more structured apparel for contrast.

Truly embrace variety by wearing three or more bracelets of all different shapes. The trick? Make sure they are all in the same color or metal scheme – in this case, charcoal-grey silver. Different color choices can create different effects on outfits, but no matter what hue you pick, donning layers of a single color guarantees eye-catching appeal, and that’s the mark of a good arm party.

Story and Photos By Libby Allnatt


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