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The Best Looks of Phoenix Lights Festival 2018

By Megan Barbera

Music festivals give attendees the freedom to be experimental with their looks. A weekend in the desert packed with music calls for less clothing and out of the ordinary outfits.

The Phoenix Lights Festival on April 6 and 7 saw outfits that were bold, loud and extremely creative. Here is a handful of the best-dressed festival-goers at the shows.

This EDM fan decided to make her look whimsical and rave-ready. The gold detailing and white lace motif complimented her rose-gold hair and body glitter.


The concept of wearing no shirt under overalls for guys has been popular since the 90s, and it still works today. This festival-goer dressed up his black overalls with pins and a galaxy belt — a vibe meant for a rave.

These girls decided to get thrifty with their looks by mixing quirky secondhand pieces with classic music festival staples like fishnets and bandanas. Love!


What’s a rave without over-the-top hair and makeup? This girl went above and beyond by adding glitter and sequins to her makeup routine, and her teal hair compliments the look perfectly.


This Baja set was meant for a party in the desert, and the bandana and colored glasses tie the look together perfectly.

This 70s inspired rainbow set was too perfect to leave out. Her platform shoes and multicolored braids make the look just wild enough for any rave.

This couple kept it classic and cool for a festival environment. Despite the contrasting prints, they manage to stay looking like a duo.

This flame two-piece, combined with fishnets and fun glasses, makes for a fire festival look that perfectly represents the Arizona heat. 

Which was your favorite look from the festival? Let us know on Instagram and Twitter!


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