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The Cartoonification of Modern Fashion

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

By Olivia Madrid

Welcome to the new world of hyperreal fashion, a way to bring satire or the, “Unreal world” to life. Many luxury brands have released “Cartoonified” clothing, serving the public pieces of exaggerated fashion to create eclectic looks. Most notably MSCHF released their Big Red Boot. The product is described as, “Cartoon boots for a cool 3D world…if you kick someone in these boots they go boing!”

During the pandemic, many fashion shows were moved online which forced the real world into a new virtual space. Now fashion has swung to the other side. Designer Anifa Mvuemba, founder of Hanifa, went viral for a 3D rendition of their collection which was shown on invisible models. The designer for label Collina Strada, Hillary Taymour, recently made headlines by diving deeper into the idea of fantasy during their Fall 2023 show. The show depicted animal-like prosthetics which were used to transform models into dystopian creatures. JW Anderson, creative director of Loewe, debuted pixelated garments as well as their Spring 2023 collection shoe line that has been referred to as, “Daisy Ducks.” The shoes refer to the look of inflated pumps which  resemble those seen commonly on Disney cartoon characters. 

The trend has been seen on recent red carpets such as the 2023 BRIT Awards. Sam Smith wore a custom made inflated suit by emerging designer Harri, and went viral almost instantly Smiths appearance is just one example of an abundance of puffy clothing as luxury brands have all put out ballon-like accessories and collections.

The hyperrealistic fashion could align with the ongoing thrift trend. By incorporating such a wild, bold piece into an outfit, wearers create a sense of individualism and uniqueness. After all, both thrifting and hyperrealism are intended to subvert from what traditional fashion looks like. MSCHF made it clear that they are doing just that, “Unreality achieves what cartoons have known for decades: Abstracted forms convey their core idea with an immediacy that a fully realized form cannot.” The brand said in a statement.

NFT wearables, which are virtual pieces of clothing, have also made their debut, as apart of Metaverse Fashion Week. Now, in the virtual world, you can explore fashion and self-expression. It’s not far off that we are doing the opposite, bringing digital concepts to the physical world. 


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