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The inside scoop on Inspired Soles.

Anyone who has lived in the Valley for any amount of time knows that local art is very important in the Phoenix area, not only to the artists but also to the locals who experience the art themselves.

I had the opportunity to attend Inspired Soles, an event created to highlight local artists in the area, and to also raise money giving back to local artists in the area.

This event was in the heart of Downtown Phoenix, at the Luhrs City Center. There was live music, a photo booth and of course great shoes created to be great art to tie everything together.


There were enough shoes to fill the walls of the venue at the Luhrs City Center, in various categories from fantasy, nature and some even made social statements. I photographed a few of my favorites.


“It Takes Balls to be a Woman”      “Full Steam Punk Ahead”


“Oppression”                                           “Phoenix Rising”

Lindsay Viker, founder of the fashion blog, Couture in the Suburbs, has participated in this event as an artist for the past 3 years. “Every year I am inspired by different females… stilettos, females, they really go hand in hand,” Viker said.

“Mother Nature”

“This year with Mother Nature, I was inspired by the movement of being more connected to the earth and bringing things back to where we came from.” Viker said.

“I’ve also considered where power comes from, because I feel the stiletto is a very powerful thing for women… Mother Nature is the most powerful female figure that there is, because she is literally the universe, and that is why I chose her.”

Phoenix, although is a very large city, has many opportunities for local artists in the area.

“The really cool thing about Phoenix is that you can get in on such a small level, and you can really grow as an artist. That is one of the reasons that the blog expanded into the local arts … because we felt that is what makes Phoenix, Phoenix. Fashion, art… they all tie together in a really interesting way,” Viker explained.

So, go out and experience the local arts scene! You never know what you’ll find (I found shoes, of course!) From First Fridays to the Phoenix Art Museum, I promise it won’t disappoint. Thanks for reading, and walk fabulously friends.

Article and Photos by Courtney Mally


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