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The Making of Charlie Love Swimwear

Living on the Hawaiian island of Maui, Chelsea Aaron and Juliana Arboleda were inspired to design their own swimwear line to reflect their individual personalities and the image of a fun but daring Maui girl.

Charlie Love Swimwear is preparing to officially launch in January of 2013. The two designers named their line after their children. Aaron’s daughter is named Charlie Rose and Arboleda’s daughter is named Ayah Love. They combined these two names to create Charlie Love.

Aaron and Arboleda are inspired by hanging out on the beach and taking in the sights of the colors and flowers that surround them. Maui offers a beautiful landscape that is reflected in each swimsuit designed by the duo.

Their line is geared toward girls that love the modern swimsuit trends and are not afraid to show a little skin. The girls have put so much love into each piece to make sure they are soft, comfortable and easy to wear all day. Aaron and Arboleda listen to their customers in order to give them what they are looking for in each piece.

Making their swimsuit line different from what is already on the market was no challenge for these designers. Between the two they create an abundance of sketches. Carrying their sketchpads around everywhere they go allows them to capture anything by which they are immediately inspired.

“Normally scraps of paper or things like napkins are what the idea’s and designs start on,” Aaron said. Arboleda added that  sometimes they even sketch in the sand.

There were very few challenges getting this line up and running. Aaron believes funding and budgets caused struggles. Charlie Love Swimwear is a small and personally held company. They are currently in the process of making a kick-starter to get their line out for everyone to see.

Designer Aaron has been in love with bikinis ever since she could remember. She is a mother of three children and also works as an artist and cosmetologist. Whenever she is not working she will always be at the beach with her kids. Growing up on the beach, Aaron has always been in a bikini.

Arboleda loves the swimsuits she sees girls wearing in Maui and incorporates that into her designs. She is a mother of two children and passionate about photography. Arboleda moved to Hawaii in 2001 to be with her best friend and attend the University of Hawaii, Hilo. In her spare time, she loves to paint and, of course, spend time on the beach especially for the picturesque sunrises.

After Charlie Love Swimwear is launched, the designers plan on traveling around the world in search of the latest in swimsuit designs and materials. They also look to create a swimwear line for little girls.

Jaime Purvis

Photo Credits: Charlie Love Swimwear


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