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The Mayfair Group Pop-Up Shop and Panel Reminded Everyone That “Girls Can Do Anything”

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

By Madison Thomas and Kenzel Williams

The Mayfair Group reminded everyone that “girls can do anything” at their panel and pop-up shop on International Women’s Day Sunday, March 8.

The panel featured four badass female entrepreneurs based in Arizona: the owner of Teaspressa Allison Devane, founder of Kaleidoscope Juice Alexandra Maw, a full-time blogger and mom Sakura Considine, and social media influencer Keaton Milburn. Moderated by The Mayfair Group founder and CEO Sam Abrahart, the event was held at The Scott Resort and Spa in Scottsdale.

Before the panel, event-goers had the opportunity to shop The Mayfair Group’s collection titled, “Girls Can Do Anything” before it was released to the public. The collection featured tie-dye and pastel-colored pieces with the phrase “Girls Can Do Anything” printed on them.

During the panel, one main speaking point was the idea of “manifestation.”

Manifestation is all about focusing your attention and energy into whatever it is you want.

At the beginning and end of the event, Abrahart encouraged the audience to write down and manifest their own goals. She stressed the importance of putting your goals out into the universe so they come true.

The panelists agreed with Abrahart and acknowledged the importance of manifestation and hard work.

Each woman shared stories of failure and struggle. At one point, they all felt unsure about whether or not they would be able to continue their entrepreneurial journey.

While all of the women faced different struggles, they pushed forward in chasing their dreams to get to where they are today.

Going from having five dollars in her bank account to having four Teaspressa locations in the country, Devane shared with the audience that it was not easy to get to where she is today. She held back tears as she described the feeling of seeing customers at a grand opening of new Teaspressa store locations.

“It’s not an easy job but I love what I do,” Devane said.

Maw shared her own hardships of starting a business, mentioning that she was unable to afford a juicer when she started. There were also times where she was unsure if she would be able to make payroll.

“Failure is the key to life,” Maw said. After getting through these struggles, Kaleidoscope Juice now has seven locations in Arizona.

Considine and Millburn faced their own sets of struggles as online influencers.

Even as a full-time college student, Millburn has explored different business ventures with the help of her Instagram and YouTube following. She recently released the clothing line Twin Flames and started her own podcast, “I’m Into It!”

“No one’s going to be pushing you to do that except you,” Milburn said.

Considine spoke on her experience from going to a business owner to following her true passion for blogging and taking it up full-time.

She had known deep down that she wanted to be a full-time blogger, but the fear of failure was what held her back. It was not until she got pregnant with her daughter, that she finally took the leap and went for it.

All of their stories reminded the crowd that it’s okay to fail. Their experiences and work ethic helped shape them into who they are today.

“People say work smarter, not harder,” Considine said. “But you have to work hard.”

Madison’s Takeaways:

I can’t think of a better way to have spent International Women’s Day. I left feeling so inspired after hearing from such hard-working and humble women. I loved listening to their stories about how they got to where they are today and being reminded that everyone faces obstacles and struggles, but you can’t let that stop you from chasing after your dreams.

Kenzel’s Takeaways:

It was so amazing to hear from a group of successful women. Each woman struggled to get to where they are today, and I admire them for that. I especially appreciated Addison’s story of coming from an Asian background and now pursuing world domination. I’m sure that everybody in the room, girl or not, was there to better themselves and their careers. I hope that everybody in the crowd took the message to work hard and manifest your goals.


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