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The One That Got Away

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

By McKenna Leavens

We all have that one person who’s always in the back of our mind. It may not be your ex or even someone you were serious with.

I know I have that person, I call him the one that got away.

When I first met this mystery guy I had just got out of a long term relationship and was not looking for anything serious.

My mind wasn’t focused on falling in love again, I was scared and hurt and honestly repulsed by the male species. BUT I was so intrigued by him that there was no way I couldn’t just go on one date.

Now going into this date I had no expectations, I honestly just thought “oh he’s just some cute guy, it’s not going anywhere, it’s JUST a date.”

Well, I was wrong.

We start talking and I swear it felt like I’ve known this guy for years, I was comfortable with him right away, he walked up to me and all my nerves just went away. I didn’t want the date to end… so it didn’t.

We were together all night and had such a great time, I felt a connection, something I honestly didn’t think I would ever feel again.

The next day I had to leave to go back to school, and I was so sad, leaving him was extremely difficult. Trust me, I know what you’re thinking I JUST frickin met this guy.

That drive back to school was the longest drive of my entire life, I couldn’t stop thinking about him and I hoped he felt the same way back.

I started to get scared because I already had feelings for a guy who I had known for a day. I honestly had no clue what to do or how to act. 

This guy and I continued to talk for a couple of weeks and I felt myself gaining feelings for him, which caused me to pull away and build a wall.

As I pulled away he did too because he also didn’t want to get hurt. You can probably guess what happens next… my dumbass let him go.

I was distant, cold and he didn’t deserve that but letting myself feel something for someone scared the hell out of me.

We only talked for a month or so but he is constantly on my mind. I always think about how he’s doing and I know in my heart we probably could have had something really special.

He treated me how I’ve always wanted to be treated, and I keep settling for guys who do the bare minimum.

Why do I do that? Why do I leave people who want to stay? I know some of you can relate to this as well.

I think it’s easy sticking to what we know, sticking to what feels comfortable.

I was used to taking care of my partner, I didn’t know what it felt like to be taken care of. I had a guy right in front of me willing to do that and I ran the opposite direction.

I don’t want to feel comfortable anymore, I want someone who will challenge me and push me to be better.

I want someone who puts in just as much effort as I do and I had that for a little.

My mystery guy showed me what it’s like to be treated RIGHT, and I hope I can thank him for that one day. 

Here’s to my one that got away, I hope I find you again.


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