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The Perfect Fourth of July Side Dish

Food is a central part of our lives but when it comes to holidays it takes on a whole new meaning. For example the fourth of July, this is a day where many festivities take place and for that you need food. The food that you need is something that is quick, simple and healthy. There is no need to be in the kitchen the whole day when I have the recipe that will be the perfect side dish to add to any main meal. What it is, is a cucumber salad. Read on to have the step-by-step instruction to get you through this recipe.

The Grocery List – Basically on this list you should have about 4-5 items:

•  Cucumbers

•  Tomatoes

•  Mozzarella cheese (the one in a block)

•  Italian dressing (low fat)

•  Celery

This recipe is great because the ingredients are interchangeable; for instance if you don’t like tomatoes put celery and vice versa.

The Chic Daily, Fashion Journalist Club, Cassie Castaneda, Cucumber Salad Recipe


Once you have bought all the ingredients bring them out and start cutting and peeling. The cucumbers require that you peel them and then cut them.

When it comes to cutting the cucumbers, tomatoes or celery cut them however you want and feel comfortable. The only thing that I would recommend is to not cut into huge pieces.


Get a huge bowl and mix all of the ingredients together with the Italian dressing. Make sure that the dressing is mixed in with everything in the bowl.


After you mix everything together cover the bowl and put it into the refrigerator. You should leave it in there for a good amount of time. I would say maybe like an hour or more just to get it cool and then it is ready to eat and ENJOY!

In my opinion this recipe is something that is simple and healthy. This is a recipe that won’t take long at all and won’t take away any attention from anything else you are trying to make. Try it out and if you like it you can always have a something that is easy to throw together.

Cassie Castaneda


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