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These Are the Fashion Month Trends to Watch Out For

By Davyn Matte

February and September are two months out of the year that have fashion lovers coming together to discover the latest trends designers set forth. After watching countless fashion shows, I’m ready to tell you what you and your friends should be wearing this spring.

Balanced Color Palette:


A new season means new colors. Our color palettes tend to go darker for fall and lighter for spring. This year many designers mixed those palettes to create a balance that will please both those who tend to wear lots of back and those who love to be colorful. Elie Saab did a beautiful job adding shades of pink and green to an otherwise all-black outfit. Even a pop of color in your shoes, seen in Tom Ford, is a great option.

Knee High Boots:


Knee-high boots usually start making an appearance in the fall months and go back in the closet as temperatures rise. This season though, you’ll want to keep them out. From Versace to Chanel and all the shows in between, knee-high boots may become a year-round staple. Thankfully we have a lot of options to choose from.

Business Wear:


Even if you don’t work an office job, you’ll want to go out and stock up on blazers and nice slacks. Countless models walked down the runway sporting a variety of ways to style this trend. You can dress it up like Christian Siriano with a black eyelet covered pantsuit. Or, you can play it casual like Tom Ford and opt for a loosely fitted blazer instead.

Emphasized Shoulders:


There was a lot going on in the shoulder department this season. We saw the shoulder pads your mom surely rocked in her day thanks to Versace and had sleeves with puffy shoulders courtesy of Stella McCartney. Thankfully neither option seems to be too overwhelming. You can easily choose either option for your day-to-day looks and not worry about looking bulky.



From jackets to pants and skirts, leather is a hot commodity for spring. It has the power to make any outfit look instantly edgier. Now that we are getting into the traditional florals and light colors that follow spring, you have the option to soften up your look if edgy isn’t your cup of tea. By pairing the leather jacket with the floral dress and black cowboy boots, Givenchy created a more casual look. Tom Ford’s leather dress with pointed heels and a hint of floral is for the ultra-edgy girl who’s more scared of the soft look. No matter your style, leather will complement your wardrobe.

We have a lot of outfit planning ahead of us. Use these next few months wisely and pick up these trends while you’re out shopping – you’ll thank me later.

Photos courtesy of Vogue


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