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This One’s For the Boys

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

By: McKenna Leavens

Dear guys,

I have a question for you — where has the romance gone?

Recently, I’ve seen that some people have no idea how to be romantic. Dating apps and hookup culture have completely degraded the concept as a whole.

It has diminished the value of what girls expect from guys. Now, girls are surprised when a guy is a gentleman. Nowadays, “romantic guys” are rare to find.

What happened to holding the door open for your girl? Or going to the front door to pick her up? I swear if I receive another “I’m outside” text I’m going to scream. I think some of you have forgotten how to be charming and romantic.

Flowers aren’t cliche, they’re actually thoughtful especially if you pick out her favorite ones.

I went on a date with this guy a couple of years back, and at the time I had pink hair. So, when he brought me little pink flowers and said, “I got these because they matched your hair,” I was beyond ecstatic. That guy earned major brownie points that day.

Instead of just picking out random roses, find out her favorite color and flower. Make it specialized to her. I promise you she will love it.

Sentimental texts remind girls of how much they mean to you or how much you appreciate them.

Validation is everything whether you’re in a relationship or just talking to someone.

In my past relationship, I had an alarm set at 9 p.m. every night and when it would go off I would send my boyfriend a text just reminding him I appreciated and loved him.

Giving your significant other little reminders can make a huge difference. It takes two minutes to send a heartfelt text. If you have time to scroll through your Instagram or Twitter feed, you have time to send an appreciation text to your girl.

Pet names are cute as heck.

Since we’re being honest here, being called “my girl” or “baby” gives me butterflies every time. Terms of endearment can go such a long way.

Pet names are the easiest romantic gesture and they make the other person feel all warm and happy inside.

When you first start talking to someone, one of my favorite things is when you get comfortable enough to call them babe or baby — girls love that stuff.

Hug me, kiss me, just smother me with affection please.

I know the above may sound like minuscule things, but deep down every girl loves being smothered with affection.

Random kisses and tight hugs are the best things in the world. Kiss her on the forehead, kiss her on the cheek, kiss her on the lips — I don’t care just kiss her!

I understand some people might not be as affectionate and lovey-dovey, but everyone deserves some affection every once in a while. Something as little and simple as a hug can make your partner’s day.

Speaking of kissing, y’all need a lesson on how to kiss a girl passionately.

First of all, what happened to grabbing her face when you kiss her?

Please do not just lean in with your arms by your side while standing two feet away from her. Show you want to kiss her.

Pull her in, grab her chin or her cheek and kiss her like you mean it!

A good, passionate kiss can honestly make or break a date. I remember going on a date with this guy recently and we had such a great time, but then he kissed me. The only thing touching was our lips. He didn’t grab my face or even my waist, it was so awkward and there was no passion whatsoever.

All I’m saying is watch a romance movie and take some notes.

While all of these gestures may seem cliche, they are essential to a relationship.

I look for all of these things when I start talking to a guy because romance is so important to me. We all deserve to feel loved and appreciated, and we should be with someone who takes the time and effort to reassure us that we are.

Guys, please take my advice, I promise it’ll help you win the girl.


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