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Tim Gunn Comments on the Latest Fashion Trends

Tim Gunn, a fashion celebrity widely known for his work as the co-host of reality show Project Runway, recently visited Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, California for a Lucky Brand Jeans sponsored fashion show.

Gunn offered commentary on spring fashion throughout the catwalk presentation, and later allowed attendees to ask questions concerning fashion trends, Project Runway and the fashion design industry.

Gunn answered questions candidly, providing insight into his daily life and sartorial opinions, all while charming and joking with audience members. He began by answering questions about summer fashion, namely longer, Bermuda-style shorts and crop tops.

“I like them [longer shorts]. As long as they’re no longer than the lowest part of your kneecap, they’re fine. I actually think they’re quite chic and I find that they’re flattering for most women,” Gunn said.

His opinion on crop tops was not as positive, adding that they should be reserved for the pool or beach, unless one is still in their teens and in good shape, which both seem like reasonable criteria.

Branching out into the larger concept of fashion design, Gunn shared a simple but powerful statement when both designing and shopping for clothes.

“I have to say, I don’t think that there really are any rules other than silhouette, proportion and fit, which in some ways are rather abstract,” Gunn says.

A fashion blogger in the audience had the opportunity to ask Gunn about his opinion on the effects of bloggers and online media on the industry. His positive response was encouraging, and he congratulated the woman after discovering that she was indeed a style blogger.

“The blogging community has a huge, huge, huge impact,” Gunn says. “I’m wow’ed by the impact of the whole genre, the whole medium and what it has done. And also how it’s made fashion so hugely readily accessible, which I think is a great thing.”

Gunn has co-hosted Project Runway since its debut in 2004, and also co-hosts a show called The Revolution on Lifetime. Prior to working as the Chief Creative Officer at Fifth and Pacific (previously Liz Claiborne Inc.), Gunn served as a faculty member at Parsons School of Design in New York City. While juggling these various obligations, Gunn has written and published several books pertaining to style and fashion, with another to be released in September of this year. He admits he is “always a hair shy of a psychotic breakdown”, however he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Whenever anyone asks me “Well what’s next for Tim Gunn?” or “What would you want to do next?” I can’t possibly even begin to ask myself that question because it would seem like a mitigated request,” Gunn says. “I’ve been given so much, how dare I ask for more really. So, I’m just grateful for what I have and I make no assumptions about what the future holds. I just hope it holds something good for all of us.”

Jenna Losé


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