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To Detox or Not to Detox…That is the Question!

Since I was one of the unfortunate students stuck at Taylor Place over the fall break, I decided it was the perfect time to try out the three-day detox I had seen on Pinterest.

Smoothie Detox Pic (2)

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

A quick disclaimer: detoxes are not intended to be a way of losing significant amounts of weight permanently. You should try a detox if you are feeling tired, bound up or in need of cleansing your body.

The detox I tried, developed by Dr. Oz, consists of three days of smoothies for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Seems easy right? Eh, not so much.

Shopping for the supplies was quite the endeavor. I also would not recommend this detox for someone who is trying to save money. I spent over $100 on all of the smoothie ingredients. The ingredients range from blueberries to cayenne pepper to cucumbers to almond butter.

Detox Ingredients

Photo Courtesy Morgan

I figured since I spent money on all of the supplies, I would have enough motivation to get through the three-day detox.


It took a little bit of preparation to get all of the ingredients into the cup and ready to blend. If you do decide to try this detox, I recommend preparing all smoothies with everything but the liquid beforehand.

Breakfast was delicious. I finished the whole thing without a fuss. I thought to myself, “This won’t be hard at all!”


Lunch did not look as appetizing as breakfast. The mixture was much thicker and green colored due to the fact that there was lots of cucumber and celery in it.

It wasn’t the best tasting mixture, but I managed to get it down. Dinner is where the real problems began.


Dinner was awful. I could not take more than one sip. The smoothie went down the drain (literally, I poured it down the drain).


I didn’t even make it through one day, but I did learn a couple things about myself. Firstly, I love food. Real food. Detox diets that are purely liquid based are not for me.

Secondly, I don’t really need to eat as much food as I do in one day. During my 12 or so hours of detox fun, I drank lots of water, which is highly recommended with almost any detox. After two smoothies and numerous glasses of water, I did not really find myself that hungry. Moral of the story is drink water and cut back on food intake. Generally speaking, you probably do not need all the food you consume in one day.

To give this detox credit, I think that it could have been doable with some modifications. For example, you do not (and I do not recommend) using a whole cucumber in the lunch smoothie. I used about half of one and that was excessive. Also, I think dinner could have been drinkable without the cayenne pepper. If you try this for yourself, do not be afraid to experiment a little with ingredient amounts.

Despite my bad experience, I would recommend trying a detox, especially if you are feeling tired or bound up. The trick is finding the right detox option for you!

By: Morgan Rath


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