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Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow: If you Aren’t Already

Whether you’re a fashion fan, art lover or just looking for something new to spice up your Instagram newsfeed, I’ve got you covered. I scoured the social networking site to narrow down my 200+ “following” list into my top ten favorites (in no particular order).



Your favorite European retailer has an Instagram, and it’s definitely worth altering your following-to- follower ratio. They’ll keep you updated on the latest trends and what items you need to express ship to your home immediately. Plus, they throw in the occasional puppy picture, and who doesn’t love seeing an adorable dog on their newsfeed?

2) (@fashionista_com)


If you don’t have time to read all the articles they post daily, the Fashionista team has made keeping up to date with the latest news in fashion even simpler. They are a great Instagram to follow during fashion weeks especially because they have front-row access. Plus, you’ll get a glimpse of the action behind the scenes as well.

3) The Metropolitan Museum of Art (@MetMuseum)


If you love art (or at least love New York City) following The Met’s Instagram will make you love it a little more. They post (in detail) about their latest events and exhibits so you’ll know what’s going on without actually being there. If you can’t book a flight to Manhattan you can at least settle for spending a few minutes scrolling through the world-famous museum’s photos.

4) Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner)


You probably know her as Kim Kardashian’s younger sister, but the reality TV star has made a big splash in the fashion world as well. She’s walked in most of the major designer’s shows over the past two years and has some crazy-talented friends (Cara Delevigne ring a bell?) so her Instagram is choc-full of pictures of her enviable life.

5) Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid)


Hadid just became one of the fashion industry’s “It” models this year, but you’d almost never know it based on some of her down-to-earth Instagrams. Hadid posts pictures of her ice cream, herself with bunny whiskers on and selfies with her family members. She’s just like you or me, except with famous friends and a variety of photo shoots.

6) Olivia Palermo (@oliviapalermo)


The queen of street style has an official Instagram and if you’re in need of a new life goal or outfit inspiration she’s the girl to follow. She’s another great account to follow during any of the fashion weeks because you know she’ll be there. Also, her slight overuse of emojis is both unexpected and endearing.

7) Chanta Strasburger (@chantagold)


Ever wonder what it would be like to be an editor at Teen Vogue? Follow Chanta and find out. She posts pictures from inside the Teen Vogue headquarters, keeps you updated on her latest articles and proves that New Yorkers definitely have the most fun. You get the sense that although she’s obtained career success, she’s still a real person and I think that’s what appeals most about her Instagram.

8) Rachel Whitehurst (@rachelwhitehurst)


Whitehurst is a fabulously witty fashion/beauty/life vlogger that I discovered my freshman year of high school. She has a considerable following base (38.9k on Instagram) and posts everything from her #footd (face of the day) to pictures of healthy snacks. Her makeup tips are always easy to follow and most of the products she posts about are completely affordable.

9) Taylor Swift (@taylorswift)


I’m slightly biased on this one seeing as I’m her number one fan (self-proclaimed, of course), but even the most cynical critics of the pop star have to admit her Instagram is adorable. There’s a little something for everyone on T-Swift’s Instagram. Cat fans will go nuts over her videos of Olivia and Meredith, Beyoncé fans will freak at the photos from her 25th birthday party (yes she was there) and Swift fans will obsess over her red carpet glam and relaxed evenings with her friends.

10) Nick Jonas (@nickjonas)


You’re lying if you haven’t even thought about making him your “Man Crush Monday” at least once. Treat yourself and follow him. I’m not completely straying from fashion on this one though, he posts some pictures in very nice suits.

Article by Savanah Yaghsezian

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