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Top 5 Fashion Meme Accounts on Instagram

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

By Cameron Rubner

If you’ve been bored in your crib scrolling through Instagram during this whole quarantine thing. Here are five fashion meme accounts for you to scroll through, laugh and kill time while stuck inside.

Coming in at five is @fashion_wankers. It’s one of those fashion meme pages that have really taken an interest in bringing back rage comics as a way of diagraming certain types of fashion bros. They also include some CDG play slander (Which can be found on almost all the pages on this list), and a lot of memes about the highly coveted Rick Owens “Dunks” and shoe-related memes. This page basically sets the tone for the list.

Cumdegarcons is probably the closest on this list to what a non-fashion meme page looks like but still fashion-focused. Cumdegarcons illustrations of different types of people and items like “Different Mask types and functions for COVID-19” make you realize how detailed some of these posts are. Cumdegarcons also makes sure to include some memes about Commes des garcons as their name is a play on the brand. But if you like the CDG converse with the heart on them, then this might not be the page for you.

Fuckhopsin does a great job of breaking down certain music fanbases and how they dress. For example Tyler the Creator fans, Travis Scott fans, And also diagrams of other different types of fashion bros such as the “Vlone Thug” and the “Archivist.” Fuckhopsin uses modern-day rage comics in all of his memes but his creative fashion spin that he adds to them keeps them fresh and almost makes them seem like a brand new concept.

BrailledFOTW admittingly would be higher on this list if I were ranking twitter fashion meme pages but their Instagram is also pretty funny. Taking the ironic and maybe even abstract approach, Brailled (A play on the buy and sell app Grailled) typically showcases random people in some bizarre outfits, people in outfits you wouldn’t expect and ironic memes that look like they were made in 2012.

Coming in at our top spot is going to be @meme_saint_laurent. Meme Saint Laurent has a great mix of memes making fun of hypebeasts, Rick Owens archive purists and even some memes about Bladee and Drain Gang Mixed in here and there.

Thanks for reading the list go check out those pages for some quick laughs while we all wait for the outside to open back up.


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