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Top 5 Outfits For Your Terribly Bloated, Not So Motivated, Lazy and Irritable Days

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

By: Devon Greene

Let’s talk bloating, shall we?

The thought of slipping on tight, high-waisted jeans only to have them pinch your stomach every time you sit down. Or, even worse, actually trying to eat during the day in those pants.

We all feel this way from time to time. You wake up one morning and feel like you don’t look like the best version of yourself.

Whether it’s thanks to the big meal you ate last night night or, ahem, because it’s a certain time of the month.

Even if it isn’t bloating but rather waking up too late to pick out a cute outfit, these problems have a simple fix.

I have battled bloating and a case of “I am too lazy to try to dress myself” for a long time now. I finally discovered my go-to outfits for the days where I just can’t be bothered to try.

So, here are my top 5 outfits for my terribly bloated, not so motivated, lazy and irritable days.

Disclaimer: I just ate a large amount of Chinese food and I can almost guarantee I gained 10 lbs. So, I am bloated and these outfits really work.

Outfit #1: “I just rolled out of bed but you had no idea!”

Starting off on the casual side of the spectrum, a pair of loose and comfy shorts always do the trick.

These black flowy shorts are my favorite — they are from Target and are super affordable. They are actually pajama shorts, but no one has to know.

Be sure to pair the shorts with a short t-shirt. The one I chose was a maroon semi-cropped, O’Neill t-shirt. I got mine from Tilly’s but any shorter shirt should do the trick.

This gives a sense of comfort along with a cuter look. To finish it off, slip on some vans or converse and throw your hair in a messy bun!

Outfit #2: Spicy, Sporty, Simple.

The next outfit incorporates all of the fashion aspects mentioned above. Start with a pair of biker shorts. I got mine from American Eagle on the clearance rack, but they can be found just about anywhere.

Then pick any oversized concert or logo t-shirt. Next, slide on some high-top converse and put your hair in a half-up, half-down style. 

Outfit #3: The Oversized Flannel!

You’ll quickly begin to notice many of these outfits include an oversized top.

What I like to do is throw on a pair of high-waisted stretchy jeans, normally from American Eagle, and pair it with an oversized flannel from my dad’s closet.

When wearing jeans with a flannel, I usually leave the bottom two buttons undone and tie it into a little knot. This gives off a cute and comfy vibe but it’s okay to leave the entire flannel flowing. I usually don’t tie the flannel when I am wearing it with leggings.

Don’t forget to slide on your vans or converse and leave your hair down or pull it up into a loose ponytail. 

Outfit #4: Patterned Pants & Simple Shirts

Working our way up the scale, a pair of patterned pants and a neutral-colored oversized t-shirt is all you need for the next look.

Here, I have a pair of high-waisted, gingham pants from Princess Polly. They are super lightweight and stretchy and have an invisible zipper in the back.

The shirt is from Urban Outfitters and covers just what I want to be covered. But it does not make it look like I am swimming in the shirt.

I know this looks like a Halloween outfit, which technically it is, but any simple shirt can be paired with these pants. I like to throw on my Dr. Martens and pull my hair up into a half-up, half-down look.

Outfit #5: The Post-Meal, Date Night Look

For this formal fit, I chose a navy blue, A-line dress from Pacsun. The dress is perfect for cold and warm weather and it can be dressed up and dressed down. It can also be paired with a cardigan or sweater.

It is a great outfit to show off some skin but still look classy, professional and comfy.

I tend to wear a pair of Nike Pro shorts underneath to feel more comfortable. The dress can be worn with a pair of sandals or wedges, or even with Vans or Converse.

Personally, I would wear my hair down with this dress to continue with the classy vibe.

These outfits have helped me get through missed alarms and bloated days filled with classes and club fairs.

Either way, there is an outfit for just about any situation. Don’t be afraid to rock hoodies and sweats if you’re in the mood. Just remember, we have all been there, so why not feel comfy and confident at the same time? 


What’s your go-to lazy outfit? Let us know on Instagram and Twitter!

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