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Top Fitness Youtubers

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

By Jenna Mcqueary

As the weather starts to warm up in Phoenix, you may be thinking it’s time to work on your summer body.

With all the information found on Internet platforms, it can be difficult to sift through it all and know where to start.

When I first started being serious about lifting weights and living healthy in 2018, YouTube was my main source of knowledge.

I learned about workout splits, different exercises, how to eat in a healthy but balanced way, and how to make a healthy lifestyle fun and sustainable.

If you are looking to make a healthy change, start by checking out these fitness youtubers!

762K Subscribers

Instagram: @nikkiblakketter

Nikki Blacketter was my OG YouTuber when I first started getting into fitness. Blacketter is the ultimate girls’ girl, and perfect for college beginners that need a bit of confidence and a push in the right direction.

She posts a mix of fitness and lifestyle videos, making her great for someone who isn’t super serious about their fitness lifestyle.

Blacketter isn’t afraid to be herself and hopes to instill that in her viewers. You might even catch her around town someday, as she gets her hair done by @hairby_chrissy in Gilbert, AZ!

Topics: vlogs, workout videos, lifestyle videos

Subscribe if you are: a beginner, female, somebody who loves lifestyle videos

1.76M Subscribers

Instagram: @jeffnippard

Jeff Nippard is perfect for anyone looking for science-based tips. Nippard has a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry and is a drug-free qualified powerlifter.

Even though he does refer to men most of the time, he has stated on multiple occasions that his tips are great for women as well.

His content is great for beginners especially his “Technique Tuesday” series he goes through how to perfect basics lifts and explains how to incorporated them into a routine.

Topics: scientific side of working out, gym tips, exercise how-tos

Subscribe if you are: male, female, a serious lifter, ready to become a serious lifter, a beginner

469K Subscribers

Instagram: @krissycela

If I had to only watch one fitness YouTuber for the rest of my life, it would be Krissy Cela. Cela preaches “do this for you,” since her goal is to teach women to make a healthy change for themselves, not for anybody else!

Cela is a huge proponent for body positivity and hopes every woman can realize that they are amazing, strong, beautiful, and capable.

Topics: Workouts, grocery hauls, day of eating, motivational, vlogs

Subscribe if you are: a beginner, female, someone who needs extra girl power and motivation, someone who is trying to get serious about their fitness

923K Subscribers

If there is one thing Stephanie Buttermore loves, its food! She recently dove into an experiment she calls “All In,” where she eats until she is completely full trying to combat extreme hunger she experienced.

She documents how her body changes inside and out, as well as what she has gained but also lost during the process. She is extremely body positive and has plenty of videos full of workouts and fitness tips.

Topics: Food, workouts, fit tips

Subscribe if you are: someone who loves food, a beginner, an intermediate lifter, female lifter

348K Subscribers

Instagram: @maryanadvorsk

You might recognize Maryana Dvorska from Gymshark’s Instagram account since she is an ambassador for the brand. Dvorska is perfect for someone who wants to fix their eating habits rather than their workouts.

She is gluten and dairy-free, making her a great person to follow if you have food restrictions.

Topics: Day of eating, dairy-free eating, gluten-free eating lifestyle videos,

Subscribe if you are: someone who needs help eating healthier, who can’t have dairy, female

Subscribers hidden

Instagram: @willtenny

Will Tennyson is a newer YouTuber that has caught the attention of many in the fitness industry.

Tennyson is known for his dry sense of humor but gives great info on food and lifting.

Topics: Food challenges, workout challenges, mukbangs

Subscribe if you are: male, someone who likes dry humor

674K Subscribers

Instagram: @hannaoberg

Hanna Oberg is a Swedish-based Youtuber. Oberg is in her third trimester and still is killing it at the gym.

She has a great mix of workouts, food, and lifestyle videos. Oberg trains hard and is great for someone trying to get serious with their workouts and healthy lifestyle.

Topics: exercises, food, working out while pregnant, lifestyle, grocery hauls

Subscribe if you are: female, a busy student, an expecting mama, ready to get serious about your fitness

All seven of these YouTubers can get you on the right track for your healthy lifestyle journey!

I wish you the best of luck!


Who are your favorite fitness youtubers? Let us know on Instagram and Twitter!

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