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Top Six Designs From Community Night: Phoenix Fashion Week

By Brielle Ashford

Phoenix Fashion Week began with a bang Friday night as the valley’s most fashion forward gathered to celebrate and support many local inspiring designers on what was known as Community Night.

Executive Director Brian Hill kicked off the evening by naming the three pillars of Phoenix Fashion Week; fashion, education and community – and they were ever visible through the passion and artistry exhibited by the designers throughout the night. From 11-year- old designer Kelly Callaway, whose designs rocked the runway with their bright colors and wild print, to the inspiring story and handsome, practical men’s designs showcased by ForgivenLove, the first night of Phoenix Fashion Week did not disappoint. The show stirred up excitement that was at an all-time high. Seeing gorgeous designs that could put life into any runway is one thing, but the magic that came with seeing designers using their gift to inspire truly made the night one to remember. Here are the top six picks from the evening that vibrantly stood out in the midst of all of the jaw-dropping designs.

1. Alejandra Inzunza


Characterized mainly by matte black and red lips, Alejandra Inzunza designs, however classic, were anything but uneventful. The designs stunned the crowd with their chic and bold modern twists on what one might recognize at its core as a classy, sophisticated Audrey Hepburn style.

Inzunza, a student at The Art Institute of Phoenix, had her designs presented as the finale of the school Fashion Week debut, and her designs stole the show only minutes after it had began!

2. State Forty Eight


A name now known by most in the desert state, State Forty Eight showcased its love for all things Arizona with its stylish street wear. With pieces ranging from more chic sporty looks to classic casual wear, It’s no wonder State Forty Eight garners so much attention! Based off of the contemporary looks shown on the runway, it is certainly well-deserved.

3. Marisa Mike


Marisa Mike designs were truly a standout. A brand showcasing ethnic designs true to Native American culture, the designs felt authentically Arizonan; true to the state’s very first inhabitants. The beautiful showcasing of culture was a sight to see on the runway, with a surplus of tasteful tribal prints and beautiful flowing skirts. These designs are surely going straight from the runway to the top of must-buy lists!

4. Charmosa Swimwear


It was clear to see why Charmosa Swimwear owned the title of 2015 Designer of the Year; the only thing more exciting than the introductory fire dancers that stole the runway were the sexy, stunning swimwear that followed. With a boho flair, Charmosa Swimwear showcased vibrant patterns and sassy, swinging fringe skirts that distinguished its designs from the rest.

5. Isy B.


Unsurprisingly this year’s Lifestyle Designer of the Year award winner, Isy B. designs were the definite highlight of the evening. A brand based out of the Caribbean and the Cayman Islands, seeing the designs grace the runway was a paradise for all bright color lovers. Distinctive, with a care-free tropical feel, Isy B. designs are a gorgeous gateway to the luxurious life of the islands.

6. Francesca Lake


Francesca Lake’s collection was the incredible finale of Friday’s show. Her beautiful, eclectic designs did not disappoint, and no wonder her collection “Evolution in Bloom”singularly graced nearly every poster and brochure for PHXFW.



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