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Toss It or Keep It?

As we say goodbye to summer and hello to fall I chose two classic fall fashion trends and surveyed students to hear their thoughts. I asked students on ASU campus and through Facebook if they liked these classic fashion trends to find out if it is time to bury them or bring them out to play for fall.

The fashion picks were overalls and combat boots. Surprisingly many of the students agree that they liked the overalls. Some of the comments were that they are “totally cute to run errands but still look good” and “Yes, keep them!” But also, a couple of people said, “they are cute, but not everyone can pull them off as they may cover girls curves.”

And so if you want to wear some overalls this fall and want to avoid looking boxy, just add a flannel on your waist to highlight your figure.


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

On the other hand the combat boots are not so liked by the guys! One guy said, “I don’t like them, they are manly and never seen them compliment a girl’s body,” but some students said, “boots are always sweet.”

toss 2

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

The verdict is to keep these classic fall trends! If you have your own tips on how to rock combat boots or overalls, leave your comments below and let us know if you agree or disagree with the results!

Story By America Tapiz


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