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Trend Alert: Rompers

Rompers (a.k.a. playsuits) are coming back to the fashion scene after being on the DL for a while now. Essentially dresses with shorts on the bottom instead of a skirt, this garment has so many looks and perks that you can play with. It keeps the look feminine while allowing the modernity of women to show.

Since rompers are one piece, getting ready when you’re crunched for time is easy. It’s like throwing on a prepared outfit. You can put on your favorite romper without having to look for shorts to wear underneath or matching top & bottoms.


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Rompers, like dresses, come in all different styles. Try a backless one for a girls night out on the town, or a pretty floral print for class. A more conservative romper with a blazer will get you ready for an interview in a flash. Sometimes, you might even get lucky and find rompers that look and fit like dresses. These can double as a night or day look, all you have to do is change your accessories.

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Jumpsuits are the same idea as a romper. They incorporate pant length bottoms connected to a top. Jumpsuits are great if you want to have a longer look or you want to cover up a little more.

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You can see many celebrities utilizing the romper and jumpsuit trend in many of their everyday outfits, and emerging even more into a formal look at awards and movie premieres.

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This contemporary look for contemporary women will continue to shift and change with the trends of the day, with cutouts, fringe and bold prints. Who knows what tomorrow? What I do know is that this trend is here, and it is hot.

Article by Emma Biscocho


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