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Trend of the Week: Are bodycon dresses a bodyCan or a bodyCant?

By Alani Miller

In this exclusive biweekly series for The Chic Daily, we will explore a particular fashion trend and ask ASU students their opinions on the trend. This is the first installment of the series. 

There are fads and there are trends. Most fads eventually fade, but typically trends stick around for a while. 

I’ve been seeing on Instagram, Facebook, and in person that bodycon dresses are in. Brought onto the scene by one of the most talked about Kardashians, Kim, these dresses have been flying off store racks. Bodycon dresses are meant to be skin tight and show off the natural contours of the female figure. The great thing about these dresses is that every body type can wear them. The natural sculpting effect the dresses have flatter all sizes and body shapes. Thanks to Kim K. and her stylish sisters, we’re finding new ways to style bodycon dresses—jean jackets, ankle boots, scarves, ankle strapped heels, knee length boots, sneakers, statement necklaces, the list goes on.

Kim Kardashian in a bodycon dress // Photo retrieved from BP Dress

Kim Kardashian in a bodycon dress // Photo retrieved from BP Dress

Kylie Jenner in a bodycon dress // Photo retrieved from

Kylie Jenner in a bodycon dress // Photo retrieved from

I asked five young women were the question, “What are your opinions about bodycon dresses?” ASU freshmen Courtney Orem says, “I think worn in the right setting, with the right accessories, they can be cute.” Orem was specific in saying where she thinks women should wear this fashion trend, “I think women should wear them out to dinner or a dressy event, not in an everyday class setting.”

Orem’s classmate and friend Katie Maher said, “It might sound bad but it really depends on the person. I think they work for some body types and not others. Like, I can’t wear them because I’m tall and they would look really short on me (not in a good way) but there are other people that would look great in them.” Maher concluded her bodycon thoughts with, “I don’t know, it really just depends.” Both ladies say they can either be a BodyCan or a BodyCan’t, depending on how a woman styles the dress and where she wears it.

Nursing major Cynthia Zendejas, also had a few opinions on bodycon dresses. Zendejas voiced that she loved them, saying, “I think there’s so many things you can do with them, like so many ways to style them. You can dress them down with flats or dress them up with boots or heels.” She then added, “And I think they are really flattering to the body too.” Zendejas concluded that this trend just might be here to stay.

Sophomore Diamond Rivera offered an opposing viewpoint. She said, “I don’t like them. They’re a little too much for me. I’m not really one that wants to show off everything and I think these dresses do just that. I wouldn’t wear them, but I’ve seen some girls that look pretty cute in them.”

Lastly, Kamra Weathers gives us reason why bodycon dresses are the way to go. “I would only wear them if I’m going out somewhere nice.” She adds, “The great thing about them is that you don’t have to put that much effort in getting ready because they look really great on. All you have to do is your hair and makeup and you’re out the door. It’s my go-to piece of clothing when I’m going out. I feel like every girl should have it as a staple piece because it’s so versatile.”

So, the verdict is in. It seems most girls around ASU don’t mind this trend very much at all. Bodycons are all the rage and very much a trend we all might just hold onto.


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