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Tribute to Black Style Icons: A Lookbook

By Ajaden Welter

Black History Month brings the celebration of African-American history and culture throughout February. In honor of the countless black style icons over the decades, I asked students who their favorites were and why they are influenced by that person. 

Liann Manuel

Style Icon: Solange Knowles

“Growing up, I had always had straightener in my hair, not embracing my natural curly hair. Solange has inspired me not only to be my authentic self, she inspired me to take pride in my African-American (heritage).”

Destiny Quinn

Style Icon: Rihanna

“Rihanna’s style is daring and unapologetically bold. I love how she’s not afraid to be herself and think outside the box. My wardrobe consists of simple items that I throw together to create chic outfits just like Rihanna.”

Chloe Dinard

Style Icon: Zendaya

“I derive my fashion ideas from Zendaya. I like to be as extra as her when dressing up and going out. I like her casual style the most. She has the best and most unique personal style out of any celebrity right now.”

Troy Suor

Style Icon: Beyoncé

“I tend to take my fashion sense as extra as Beyoncé but altered enough to fit my personality which is very monotone. She always looks so golden and regal.”

Shekinah Dansby

Style Icon: Rihanna

“My hair is often inspired by Rihanna. It started when I was inspired to cut my hair short like hers in the ‘Take a Bow’ music video. Now, when I need new ideas, I look at her latest looks.”

As for my own personal style, I am inspired by the extraordinary Janet Jackson. Miss Jackson has the perfect mix of street style with an industrial edge. I love to pay homage to her in many of my day-to-day outfits. 

Who is your favorite style icon? Let us know on Instagram and Twitter!


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