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Tucson-based Streetwear Designer Ignis Clothing Debuts at NYFW

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

By Alexia Hill

Bureau Fashion Week, a global fashion show production company, had their New York event series in the heart of the Big Apple in the midst of NYFW. Located at The Conrad Downtown at 102 North End Ave, BFW hosted over 20 designers from around the world.

With his visionary take on street style, one Arizona-based designer stole the show.

Designer Ian Urquhart, creator of Ignis Clothing has been working on clothes since 2017, drawing inspiration from street style and custom sneakers.

“It all started with the sneakers. I realized one day that I didn’t have outfits to go with the sneakers so I was like, ‘alright, now I got to get into fashion,’” Urquhart said. “I got into customizing shoes and then I got into customizing my own clothes. I saw some other people starting their own brand at school and I just fell in love with making clothes and graphic design.”

This was the brand’s fourth show – with his first two being in Phoenix and Tucson, followed by a trip to New York to take part in a Runway 7 production alongside Bureau Fashion Week.

Ignis Clothing opened the evening showcase at BFW Saturday, Sept. 9, a refreshing new look for the runway apart from the amazing couture gowns and women’s ready-to-wear being presented.

With bass-heavy music playing in the background, models walked and showcased Urquhart’s collection filled with neutrals, denim, and custom one-of-one pieces for all occasions.

According to the Arizona native, he designs based on materials or recent influences in his personal studio, but the process varies day to day.

“Virgil Abloh is my favorite designer, like ever, so you’ll see a couple references to him in my work,” Urquhart said. “Other than that, I kind of just go with whatever I feel like at the time, I do a lot of upcycling…I just kind of look to see what fabrics I have, what jackets and stuff I’ve grabbed from the thrift, and grab inspiration from that, from stuff I’ve seen, and combine it all together.”

Notable looks from the Ignis Clothing line were his custom-reworked denim garments and one distinct colorful outfit. One look had an oversized, three-dimensional sunflower decal on the chest of a light-wash denim jacket, with an accompanying pair of light-wash jeans adorned with sunflower cuffs at the ankles. And of course, the Ignis Clothing logo printed on the jacket’s back, making the walk off the runway still engaging.

Another denim look was reworked to have brown and cream-colored chunky knit detailing all over the front. This piece was styled with a sleek white button-up underneath and again, light wash jeans, making for a more business-casual matching set.

The eye-catching colorful runway look was a pair of belted straight-leg pants with a colorful, thermal-type pattern all over and of course, the brand name “Ignis” printed up the side of one leg. According to the designer’s friend, Tyris Manley, the pants were actually made from a thrifted tapestry that was once used as decor for the brand’s tabling activations.

From black leather mini dresses to unisex sweatsuit sets, Ignis clothing brought variety and spice to Bureau Fashion Week. Throughout the first two days, the production hosted designers like Krissy King, Mila Hoffman Couture, Dragonwing Girl and Hemistry, most of which were women’s and children’s garments. Although these were incredibly-crafted designs, the energy, excitement and authenticity shone through when Urquhart’s designs walked the runway.

The biography on Ignis Clothing line’s Instagram states it is a “brand focused on dismantling perfectionism to promote creativity” and Urquhart lives by that. He explained that he hopes his consumers or audience walk away remembering it’s okay, and even for the better, to not be perfect.

“I’ve struggled with trying to make things perfect and ended up not finishing it at all or just getting frustrated and throwing it away,” Urquhart said. “I advocate for doing you, it may not turn out the way you want it to but there’s bits and pieces that you didn’t plan for that might actually be something that brings the whole garment together. It doesn’t have to apply to only fashion either, it applies to music, art, life as well.”

Bureau Fashion Week hosts shows in London, Paris, Miami, Chicago and more, but the production’s New York showcase was lucky to work with one of the Valley’s up-and-coming designers who truly cares about the work and fashion he’s doing. Ignis Clothing will be showcasing at LAFW next. For more information, make sure to check out the Ignis Clothing Instagram page. For more information about Bureau Fashion Week’s upcoming events, make sure to check out their Instagram page or website.


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