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Uncle Joey Moves to the Valley

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

By: Lauren Bukoskey

The official date of Season 4 of “Fuller House” will be released on Netflix on Dec. 14.

However, when I sat down with Dave Coulier who plays Uncle Joey, we had to address more pressing matters first: why his face was beat up and Bob Saget’s wedding.

“Apparently I shouldn’t be playing ice hockey any longer,” Coulier said. “I was at Bob Saget’s wedding last night, so all of the pictures that are going to People magazine  are going to be showing this, this face.”

As Coulier points his finger at his injured nose, I can’t help but think about all the nights Full House and the Tanner family filled my childhood home growing up. That show and his character is the epitome of nostalgia.

But as Coulier would say, I’ll “cut it out” and get to him.

Coulier and his wife, Melissa Bring, are building a home up North in Payson, Ariz. as he enjoys the open sky and fresh air contrast to Los Angeles.

“It’s so beautiful and the weather is amazing and the air quality is amazing. You can actually see all the stars at night,” Coulier said. “It’s the scenery and the topography up there is really magnificent.”

Coulier, who got his pilot license at 18-years-old, is building an airplane hanger in Payson as well. Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman and himself were ambassadors for The Hat in the Ring Society that takes on the most difficult of aviation’s problems. He is also very involved with the AOPA Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association (AOPA) to try to spread awareness of the positive impact aviation has on communities.

Besides moving, Coulier is taking on another change in his life directing. He had been taking mental notes from directors he had worked with in the past and was ready to dive in himself.

“Second season of Fuller House I told producers ‘I would really like to direct some of these’ and they said ‘That would be great, go ahead’,” Coulier said. “So, they hired me for a show and it was a big success and so I did another one and I did two more last season,” Coulier said.

Coulier is working on a few more upcoming projects including pitching a movie he is writing, pitching a few television shows and finally taking some much needed time off.

“I will play some golf, play some hockey and I’m a pilot, so I will be flying,” Coulier said.

It will probably include spending time with his Full House and Fuller House co-stars as he considers all of them family.

“I was Bob Saget’s wedding and Jodie Sweetin and Candace Cameron and Andrea Barber were there and Lori Loughlin and John Stamos,” Coulier said. “I truly love them all, they are really close family members. We get together and we have a blast.”

When it comes to their deniable chemistry and bond, Coulier smiled and laughed thinking about taping on set.

“I’m sure people sit and think ‘What a bunch of idiots!’ because all we do is tell inside jokes and laugh,” Coulier said.

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