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Under the Helmet with Cam Jordan

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

By Camryn McLen

On Feb. 8, 2023, the W Hotel in Scottsdale held its annual Suits and Sneakers event sponsored by Phoenix Fashion Week. The event celebrates “the best in fine custom suits and menswear as well as fashion-forward sneakers.” In addition to a fashion show, there are auctions and performances. This year, the event included a list of high profile guests to take the event to the next level.

Super Bowl LVII being held in Arizona brought out a variety of athletes and celebrities, some of which were invited to model suits in the fashion show. The list of athletes included players from the Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers, Las Vegas Raiders, Minnesota Vikings and more.

The one player I was most interested in was Cam Jordan, who plays for the New Orleans Saints. It’s rare that I ever watch football, but this was interesting for me for a couple of reasons: Jordan plays in New Orleans, which is where I lived for about nine years, as well as where I graduated from high school. It’s not often that I find someone from New Orleans visiting Arizona, so this was exciting. The town where I grew up, Chandler, Arizona, is also home to Jordan. Plus, we had the same name, just spelled differently. The fact that we had those minor things in common made me want to talk to him.

I had no idea what to ask him, and I even had my stepdad give me a crash course in football for some prior understanding. However, I thought it would be more interesting if I asked him questions that weren’t about football because he probably gets asked the same questions all the time. Thus, “Under the Helmet with Cam Jordan” was born. This way, myself, and all of you have the chance to really get to know this NFL star on and off the field.

He told me all about his favorite anime, food and closet essentials.

CM: What do you think about Sean Payton going to coach for the Broncos?

CJ: Yeah, good for him. I’m good with clean breakups. Like, am I petty about it? Do I want him to like, not win anything? Yes. But you know he’s going to be successful in whatever he does.

CM: You know Travis Feeney?

CJ: Yeah!

CM: My brother went to high school with him, and he said that you put him on some good anime. So I wanted to know, what’s your favorite anime?

CJ: Man. Currently? Or are you talking about an all-time situation?

CM: Both!

CJ: I was big into Shaman King when I was little. Yu Yu Hakusho was a dope situation, right? I grew up watching Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Wing. I’m just all about the hands right, like the love comedies do nothing for me. But currently, I’m a Demon Slayer guy, and I’m waiting on Goblin Slayer to come back.

CM: What’s your staple or go-to item you have to have in your closet?

CJ: My shoes. If we’re talking about like what I love, I love watches and shoes. Since I can’t have as many watches as shoes, I got a lot of shoes.

CM: What’s your favorite New Orleans restaurant, and what do you usually order?

CJ: That just depends on what I’m feeling. I really love sushi, so there are a couple of spots. I’m blanking on the name, it’s over there by Whole Foods off of Veterans (Boulevard). Now I’m gonna be mad that I can’t remember the name.

CM: What about po’boys?

CJ: Po’boys are straight.

CM: I miss New Orleans food so badly since I’m in Arizona now –

CJ: Why?

CM: Why do I miss New Orleans food?

CJ: Yeah, I’m from here, so I prefer Mexican food. I prefer like fish that doesn’t have hella sauces on it. I have to keep the figure you know what I’m saying. To be a football player, you can’t have a pound of gravy on everything. That lagniappe in New Orleans is real!


What did you think about Cam Jordan and his history in New Orleans? Let us know on Instagram and Twitter or leave a comment!


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