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By Madison LaBerge

Photos by Madeline Lutz, Urban Outfitters and Amazon

The semester ended just a few weeks ago, and for a lot of students, this meant going back home. Whether that was a short car ride back home to Glendale or a six-hour flight back to the east coast, many friends were forced to say goodbye for the summer.

While distance can sometimes make communication difficult, with different time zones and schedules, there is one way to guarantee you and your newest BFF continue to hold each other close.

I personally have never been a huge jewelry person, but for some reason, friendship bracelets, anklets and necklaces seem to have stuck with me. I proudly wear a combination of cute designs and mementos of a strong friendship around my neck. Here are some of the cutest friendship necklaces to commemorate your college experiences with your friends!

Arizona wouldn’t be Arizona without the saguaro cactus; that’s why this cute necklace is perfect for Arizona college students. Not only does it have a location attached to it but also shows that you and your BFF will stick together. You can find this necklace on Wish in gold, silver and bronze.

Friendship Necklaces Pic 1
Friendship Necklaces Pic 2

This second necklace follows the choker trend, if you choose to adjust it to its tightest loop. These necklaces come in a set from Urban Outfitters.

Friendship Necklaces Pic 3

There are two set options for these necklaces depending on who you and your friend are. There is a set that features both a heart and star charm and a set that features a horseshoe and wishbone charm. (Plus, both sets are on sale for $9.99!)

Friendship Necklaces Pic 4
Friendship Necklaces Pic 5
Friendship Necklaces Pic 6

Perhaps one of you is more angelic than the other; the yin yang friendship necklace could be for you and your bestie. Half the fun is deciding who will have the mostly good with a little bad and who will have the mostly bad with a little good.

After that’s decided, the necklace will remind you and your friend that you two balance each other out. You have a little bit of one another in each of you. This cute two-piece necklace is less than $10 on Amazon!

Friendship Necklaces Pic 7

No matter what necklace you and your BFF choose, seeing it will remind you of all the amazing memories you’ve made this year with that person. Friends are the best, and the cute jewelry is just a perk of knowing such a great human!


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