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Campus street style is all about spotting individual, unique style displayed by ASU students. This week was no exception, as the spring season brought about breezy and colorful pieces with feminine notes. Music continued to be a heavy wardrobe influence, in addition to the carry over of the fall minimalist trend. Continue to stick to your guns, ASU, and let your style exemplify you.

Senior Richard Post-Gutierrez

Major/Concentration: Economics

Richard’s style is inspired by art and music. The bands he likes promote individuality and being weird, so by dressing differently he’s “doing his part to standout.”

Richard Post-Gutierrez, wk 12

Junior Lindsay Drucker

Major/Concentration: Poetry

Lindsay’s minimalist style features great Goodwill and World Market finds, like her sported bag and jewelry.

Lindsay Drucker, wk 12

Junior Frankie Villegas

Major/Concentration: Film and Media Studies

Frankie coined the term “Urban Desperado,” an urban cowboy with flare.

Frankie Villegas, wk 12

Alumnus Daniel Suber

Daniel’s style consists of pieces that are functional, different, and black, with feminine influences, such as the cat-eye sunglasses.

Daniel Suber, wk 12

Sophomore Nick Villagrana

Major/Concentration: Political Sciences

A dabbler of trends and self-described “sea punk,” Nick’s staples include black basics, Doc. Marten’s, and gold chains.

By Gianna Mocilnikar and Muriel Woodland


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