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Vintage hot spots in downtown Phoenix

By Carly Doyle 

Phoenix is teeming with vintage shops, especially around Roosevelt Row. This is great news for downtown ASU students who are eager for a unique shopping experience. (Sometimes the Urban Outfitters and the Charming Charlie in CityScape just don’t do it.) Check out these one-of-a-kind vintage shops.

Antique Sugar:

A 1920's gown at Antique Sugar Vintage // Photo retrieved from Antique Sugar

A 1920’s gown at Antique Sugar Vintage // Photo retrieved from Antique Sugar

Antique Sugar moved to a new location on 2nd Street in downtown Phoenix just a few months ago. The store includes everything from t-shirts to evening gowns, from eras ranging from the 20’s to the early 90’s. Going in, you see some amazing staple pieces, like a rack of sequin blazers circa 1984 or a mod shift fit for 1960’s legend Twiggy. Owner Sarah Bingham also does slight alterations on some dresses to make them more modern for today. Most of the clothing is reasonably priced, but their sales are to die for. I picked up a nice long coat from their $5 sale rack, and every last weekend of the month, everything in the store is 50% off! Definitely a place to check out.


ASU freshman Halla Nelson checking out GROWop

ASU freshman Halla Nelson checking out GROWop // Photo by Carly Doyle

GROWop is probably one of the cutest stores you’re going to find around Roosevelt. The store is inside a Phoenix Historic District home, and like most of the protected homes, it is decorated in a way that is modern and just cool. Wrapping around the front and sides is an urban garden with little benches and sprinklers. Walking in, it smells like pine and the atmosphere is very Urban Outfitters meets forest-chic. The clothing is simple, cute, and classic—very modern and casual. The clothing in front is beautiful, but not necessarily for a customer looking for vintage; however, there is a back room (pictured) full of cute vintage apparel. I found some adorable jumpsuits and an acid-wash jean skirt—not my personal style, but still super cute.

Buffalo Exchange:

The front counter of the Buffalo Exchange on 7th street // Photo from Buffalo Exchange

The front counter of the Buffalo Exchange on 7th Street // Photo from Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange is a bit of a stretch off campus, but man, it’s worth it. Basically, the store is like shopping in your sister’s closet. At Buffalo Exchange people can drop off their old clothes for credit to buy new ones, and of course. people can just come to buy them. What differenties this place from a Good Will is the fact that they don’t take all clothes — just ones that are in gently-used condition. I found a super cute black romper and a studded black skirt for less than $35. The store has little gems like some old school Michael Kors wallets and some seriously crazy high heels.


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