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Vinyl Fever

By Julia Bashaw

There is something so profound and inspiring about holding a vinyl record carefully between two fingertips. Music has evolved in its style and form, but people like me still enjoy the vintage feel that a vinyl record can produce. The action of cleaning the record, placing it on the turntable and setting the needle down makes me feel so classic.


That little scratching sound it makes as the needle starts picking up the grooves is a thrilling half second before this beautiful vibration is transformed into sound. I often wonder if I was born in the wrong century, because the Jazz Age is really calling my name! What is funny though, is that I can’t listen to Jazz unless it is live or on a vinyl record.

I tried once to play Frank Sinatra off my phone and it felt so wrong! It is almost as if the style of music has to stay with its correct era music player. I find it quite amusing that I notice a difference. A record sounds much more raw and real versus a cell phone or computer. But I am not the only one! Vinyl record sales have been in high demand. It seems that teenagers are appealing with this the old sound so much that vinyl record sales have reached a high of 32%! That might not sound high but that is the highest it has been since 1988! There is some type of magic going through  these records that are drawing in a younger crowd.


I have a Crosley record player. I love to find little record shops or secondhand bookstores that carry vinyl and sometimes I will buy a record even if I do not know the artist. Jazz is pleasant to me, no matter who is playing. My favorite Jazz singer is Frank Sinatra, I have about 5 of his albums on records. His voice is the best to listen to when have to do math homework.

This is when I discovered that Jazz actually helped me study when I had it on in the background. When it came to harder classes like English or Math where I needed to focus, I would put on Jazz music that had no lyrics at all. This way there was no voice to distract me, but rather music to calm me.

I absolutely adore my record player, and it is honestly the best thing I own. Here is a simple playlist of some of my favorite songs that truly encompass that unique old feel. They all sound incredible on vinyl and will make you feel like you are taking a trip to the past.

1) La Vie En Rose~Louis Armstrong

2) Sing, Sing, Sing~Benny Goodman

3) The Way You Look Tonight~Frank Sinatra

4) Changes~Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra

5) On the Sunny Side of the Street~Louis Armstrong

6) Mack the Knife~Bobby Darin

7) Autumn in New York~Frank Sinatra

8) 9:20 Special~Count Basie and His Orchestra

9) My Funny Valentine~Richard Rogers/Chet Baker

10) All the Way~Frank Sinatra

11) Leapfrog~Joe Garland

12) Compared to What~Eddie Harris/Roberta Black

13) What a Wonderful World~Louis Armstrong

14) Fly Me To The Moon~Frank Sinatra

15) Cry to me~Solomon Burke


I hope if you haven’t ever listened to Jazz on vinyl, that you consider it now! It will change your life for the better in the strangest ways. My vinyl player got me through hours of studying, cleaning my room, and relaxing after a hard day. When I am in the mood, putting on some Jazz and relaxing is my ideal choice to unwind. Trust me, if you try it, you’ll understand how it makes you feel is indescribable. I definitely have Vinyl Fever. Do you?


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