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Weekly Round-up of Sustainable, Handmade and Vintage Instagram Brands

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

By Sydney Rich

It’s #SecondHandSeptember and what better way to celebrate than to share a curated selection of sustainable, handmade vintage shops. Second Hand September is a 30-day pledge to say NO to purchasing new clothes that put pressure on the planet and our wallets.

Due to COVID-19, we have all had to adapt to shopping ‘pandemic style.’ It can be intimidating to walk into a heavily stocked and crowded store and rifle through tons of used merchandise just to find a couple of gems, especially now. I’ve personally turned to online shopping to fulfill my thrifting addiction. Searching for the perfect pieces online has become somewhat of a hobby.

Although it can be exciting to find a great deal on apps like Depop and Poshmark, not all resellers are relying on these platforms to market their products.

This article will make it easy for you to find niche styles by giving you a head start on some amazing resale stores with a strong presence on Instagram.

Whether you’re in the mood to be a pastel queen, kill it in some androgynous neutral tones, or let your freak flag fly in an array of ‘80s and ‘90s staples, these Instagram shops have your style for this Fall covered.

Our first stop is Room Shop Vintage. They are an online retailer that specializes in vintage, up-cycling dead-stock fabrics to make new products and using locally sourced materials out of Philadelphia, PA.

Not only is their Instagram color palette dreamy and full of pastels and florals, but their products are ethically sourced so you can feel more assured purchasing the chicest picnic outfit of your life.

Their matching headscarf and mask duos make coordinated outfits a must. Their selection of gorgeous GIANT hair scrunchies would make even the most dedicated VSCO girl second guess her current selection.

They sell products through their website and update their Instagram almost daily.

If you are looking for some outfit inspo, I recommend checking out this shop.

Up next is one shop that has become increasingly well known for their “luxury, sustainable, and reworked vintage,” Sororité Vintage.

Their most eye-catching pieces include their beautifully upcycled lingerie collections and curated selections of designer dresses that make a statement for any occasion.

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the current trends, corsets and layering intimate wear for day use, this shop capitalizes on it.

Their products aren’t just limited to tasteful undergarments. They also carry jewelry collections and eco-friendly totes and bags in minimalist designs to perfectly suit all other Sororité Vintage purchases.

Sororité also prides themselves on providing the best quality pieces to add to your wardrobe while using 100% eco-friendly packaging for their worldwide shipping.

For those with a more sensual and luxurious day-to-day flavor, this vintage shop is the perfect place to stock up on quality statement pieces.

Now, say hello to one of my personal favorites. Michaela Co is a one-stop-shop for the silky, chic, monochrome-loving young professionals of today.

They offer clothing that is designed and manufactured in-house in the warehouse district of Kansas City while maintaining a beautifully curated, hand-picked selection of vintage goods.

The vintage pieces range from dainty sheer wrap blouses to kitten pump heels all the way to original artwork pieces that all fit the minimalist aesthetic they are achieving so effortlessly.

Their prices for vintage are arguably some of the best considering the quality of the brands and products they are offering.

If you’ve been wanting to create a wardrobe that is interchangeable and coordinates easily, then the selection at is the perfect place to begin.

Let’s talk vintage streetwear. It can be hard to find authentic ‘90s graphic tee shirts when thrifting because the demand for them is so high.

The revival of ‘90s and ‘Y2K’ streetwear brands like “For Us By Us” (FUBU) and Supreme has made the desire for unique and valuable streetwear to skyrocket. Shops like 2nd Street Vintage make it easy to find unique and valuable vintage tees, accessories, and more.

Making its debut in 2019, this vintage shop is unique in that it offers “Buy Sell Trade,” options.

This means you can sell and trade your own collections to get some newer merchandise rather than just purchasing it outright.

Vintage streetwear is here to stay and 2nd Street Vintage is serving up the goods! Check out their Instagram and DM for purchases.

The final stop is locally-owned vintage store Vamp Rodeo Vintage, created and operated by a one-woman showstopper. Daily Instagram updates and weekly Instagram story sales make for one of the most fun and vibrant follows you’ll ever have.

With an incredible collection of true vintage pieces ranging in style from flowy ‘70s prairie dresses to spicy ‘90s rave wear, there’s something for everyone at Vamp Rodeo Vintage.

This shop makes it convenient to shop from home with the ability to shop both on the website,, and on their Instagram.

This colorful vintage selection is sure to inspire and add a bit of flair and flavor to any wardrobe.

Shopping secondhand is infinitely more exciting than shopping directly off the rack at a department store.

It’s the best way to find one-of-a-kind pieces that show off personal flair. Instagram brands are making a huge mark on the resale industry and this article just showcased a tiny bit of what is out there to discover.

Make an impact on the planet and your wardrobe by shopping online thrift stores the next time you’re in need of some fresh pieces.


What’s your favorite online vintage store? Let us know on Instagram, Twitter, or leave a comment!

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