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What’s with all the model hate?

By Angelica Cabral

Millions watched the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last night, watching as woman with heights I can only dream of walked down a runway in lingerie I can also only dream of one day owning. Even though they are in amazing shape, these women aren’t perfect, of course, no one is. But just because a main portion of their careers is based on their looks, it certainly doesn’t mean they deserve the hate so many of them get.

Many of us have tried to get in shape, so we know how hard it is and that the health and exercise regime of these girls is no joke. Imagine drinking three times the amount of water you do now and making conscious choices and plans to eat healthy for most of your meals. And the exercising too! Gigi Hadid does kickboxing now, after 12 years of volleyball.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 2.52.47 PM

Specifically speaking about Kendall Jenner, many felt she didn’t deserve to get a spot in the show and that she only got it because she’s a member of the Kardashian clan. Perhaps being a member of her family helped her get started in the modeling business, but I highly doubt that’s the only reason she was picked to be in one of the biggest fashion shows of all time.


We all face hardships and it’s ridiculous to think that Kendall has never faced any. Imagine the loneliness of being constantly on TV and having your every move scrutinized. We’ve all had low moments in our life and if someone were to follow me, or anyone else honestly, from the ages of 13-20, I’m sure they would find that we’ve made plenty of mistakes.

And the claims that she doesn’t have the look of a high fashion model seem to be sort of unfounded to me. The standards of the industry as of today (whether you and I agree with them or not) seem to be tall, long hair, skinny, clear skinned and great bone structure. Sorry, but she’s all of those things.


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