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What to Wear to Dusk Music Festival

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

By Shi Bradley

Tuscon is home to a rich local art scene and music community, and in a few months, one of the biggest EDM and house music festivals is returning to the city. On the weekend of November 10 and 11, Dusk Music Festival is making its way back to Tuscon at the Jácome Plaza for its seventh year, with artists like DJ Snake, Seven Lions, 311, and AC Slater headlining the festival.

While many fans are excited to attend the festival for the lineup of talented performers, the intoxicating beats, and the rush of being part of the crowd, one of the coolest parts of experiencing a festival is coming up with stylish and fun outfits, hairstyles, and makeup looks for the night. Here are a few tips to help you look your best at Dusk Music Festival this year.

  1. Take Inspiration from Previous Years

One cool way to create outfits for a concert or music festival is to take direct inspiration from festival goers of previous years. For instance, at Dusk Music Festival 2019, fishnet and mesh pieces were popular with many of the attendees.

  1. Follow Current Rave Trends

At any given time, there will always be traditional rave and festival outfits and accessories that are classics and pieces that will be trendier than others at any given time. Right now, some rave trends in 2023 include neon-colored garments, bikini and lingerie tops, and psychedelic-inspired prints.

  1. Dress for the Weather

Though Tuscon is a bit cooler than Phoenix, it is still Arizona and therefore still pretty hot! When dressing for Dusk, shorts, skirts, tank tops, crop tops, and mini dresses are your friend! Avoid furry or leathery clothes and accessories, as they can cause you to overheat. Keeping your hair up if you have longer hair can also help you beat the heat. Be sure to check the weather before, since November can have cooler temperatures at night!

  1. Bring Essentials

At a festival, there are a few items you absolutely need, such as a bottle of water, your ID, and your cell phone. Other items are useful to have such as a clear bag, sunscreen, and hats. There are also items you absolutely can not bring, such as outside food and drink – besides water – and weapons. You can check the Dusk Music Festival webpage to see what items you can and can not bring.

  1. Showcase your own unique style!

Most importantly, raves and festivals like Dusk are a fantastic way to showcase your own sense of style and wear pieces that you find fun and interesting. Whether you want to experiment with face paint or a funky hairstyle, music festivals are a great chance to explore yourself in a supportive and creative environment.

You can learn more about Dusk Music Festival on their website here.


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