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What Your Nails Say About You

By Mariah Bates

Nails just so happen to be a personal obsession of mine. Because of this, a number of times I have found my eyes not-so-subtly drifting down towards the other person’s nails during a conversation…and for good reason!

A manicure can speak volumes about a person without saying a word. Nail color, length, and shape are little clues that let you in on their likes, dislikes, personality and taste.

So, while I realize not everyone shares the same level of awareness towards other’s manicures as I do, here’s a guide to what the five most popular nail shapes say about you!

  1. Coffin/Ballerina

A coffin – or ballerina – manicure is reminiscent of a square shape but narrows in towards the top. This set of nails says that you have an up-beat personality and are the life of the party. Whether you opt for long or short, pastel or neon, this shape has taken social media by storm.


Celeb Inspiration: Kylie Jenner has pretty much patented this shape; and that reason alone makes coffin nails a pretty popular.

  1. Round

A round set of nails is a rather natural look that reminds me of the good-ole days: middle school, when most everyone let their nails grow out organically. This look shows the world just how sweet, kind, and caring you are. It’s girly, simplistic, energetic and chic.


Celeb Inspiration: If you need ideas for your round nails, Arian Grande has historically made this her shape of choice.

  1. Stiletto

Stiletto nails are nearly unmistakable to identify. Similar to a cat’s claw, these nails are long and thin and come to a defined point. They are very simply sexy and also show that you have a slightly more mature demeanor.

Celeb Inspiration: Rhianna has been spotted numerous times with a beautiful stiletto manicure. Katy Perry, Beyonce and Lady Gaga have also been known to sport this style.

  1. Almond

The shape of an almond manicure is a combination of round and stiletto, so naturally, the characteristics it conveys is a mixture of the two as well. Almond nails say you are sweet and sassy, reserved but enthusiastic, quiet but not shy. Those who opt for almond nails are also hopeless romantics.


Celeb inspiration: Demi Lovato is shown here with a perfect example of a purple ombre almond manicure.

  1. Square

Perfectly groomed and perfectly balanced, a square manicure is sharp and sleek. These nails are fairly popular – short or long – and pair well with any look. A square manicure conveys that you are put together, well-adjusted with yourself and can be a bit more serious than your off-the-wall counterparts.


Celeb Inspiration: This picture of Miley shows how a square set of nails can take your manicure over the top.

Whatever your personality is, you can feel confident that there is a nail shape that allows you to communicate yourself to the world. So the next time you step into the salon, whether you’re a sweet and sassy almond type, or a party-going ballerina gal, let your inner most qualities shine through manicure.

You’ll be so glad you did.


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