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When Is It OK To Start Celebrating Christmas?

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

By Kenzel Williams

On November 1, Mariah Carey posted a video on social media where she switched out her Halloween costume for Christmas pajamas. Her announcement signified “it’s time” to start celebrating Christmas, and who can object to the queen behind “All I Want For Christmas Is You?”

Apparently, a lot of people.

Every year brings up the age-old debate on when Christmas should be celebrated.

Some have already started putting up the decorations as of mid-November. Places in downtown Phoenix like the Arizona Center and CityScape have set up their Christmas trees and decorations.

Even students at Arizona State University’s downtown campus are beginning to embrace the Christmas spirit early.

“Mid-November is the perfect time to start celebrating,” Austin Ashburn said. “Life is boring. Christmas is used to spice things up, and if you’re buying decorations, you might as well have them up as long as you can.”

Some residents at Taylor Place have decorated their doors and put up mini Christmas trees in their rooms. White Elephant and Secret Santa exchanges have been planned out since the beginning of the month.

Even I am getting ready for the holiday festivities a month early.

Although Christmas decorations bring spirit and joy to some, others believe putting them up in November completely writes off another important holiday — Thanksgiving.

By decorating early, turns Thanksgiving into a day that interrupts other holiday festivities.

Luke Riviera, another student at ASU, believes Thanksgiving is underrated and should be appreciated more.

“Thanksgiving is about giving thanks and being appreciative of family, friends and everything you have,” he said.

But, not everyone is upset about Christmas decorations going up early.

“I think it’s okay,” Diana Damurjian said. “If people want to do it, I won’t freak out.” She does have her own personal preferences, though.

“Let Thanksgiving happen and then put (Christmas decorations) up the day after,” Damurjian said.

Even so, some believe that right after Thanksgiving is still early.

“Christmas is in December. This is when you fully feel the spirit,” said Alejandro de la Cerda.

Whether you’re want to break out the lights and tinsel or keep the pumpkins for a while, it’s best to come to your conclusion.

There’s no correct answer on to when we should start celebrating Christmas — everyone has their own preferences on when to start listening to Mariah Carey’s Christmas album on repeat.

What’s important is that everyone is happy during the holidays, whether they’re listening to “All I Want for Christmas is You” on Nov. 1 or Dec. 25.


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