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Where to shop for fall fashion that won’t break the bank

By Jillian Haynie

It is finally time for fall in Arizona. As the leaves change, so does the fashion. Though the weather is still in the upper nineties, that doesn’t stop new trends from making an appearance. With new trends comes a new reason to go out to Nordstrom’s and run that credit card, which can cause serious money troubles, especially for us college students. Yet, there are cheaper ways to get your fall fashion fix without breaking the bank.

Up-Scale Clearance Stores

If parting from high-end designers is tough, ease the pain with up-scale clearance stores! Nordstrom Rack, Last Call, and Off 5th are perfect ways to find designer fashion at a reasonable price! Bags, jewelry, and home decor are also sold at these budget-friendly stores. In less than two hours, you can find a brand new outfit from some of the most well known designers, and you’ll have extra money left over (for Starbucks).


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Hit up the Mall

Serious #throwback to middle school trips to the mall with your besties while you shop till you drop (or till you spend the forty dollars your mom gave you). Stores like Forever 21 and H&M are the holy grails for fashion lovers on a student budget. They’re changing with trends every month and producing stylish, inexpensive clothes that will for sure get compliments. Plus, walking out with two giant bags filled with new outfits that are wallet-friendly will make you feel on top of the world.


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Right on Target

Who says Target is just for make-up and last minute ice cream runs? Target is a major destination for inexpensive clothes that are very trendy. Even designers like Missoni and Lilly Pulitzer have collaborated with the mega store to produce a line of designer pieces at a Target price. Clearance racks are filled with hidden treasures at bargain prices too. Even their shoes and handbags look like designer pieces but come at a thrifty price. So next time you need to go to Target, give yourself an extra 20 (or 45) minutes to look around at the plethora of clothes set a sweet price.


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Thrifty is Nifty

A wise man once said, “Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Well, I think he was talking about thrift stores, with “treasure” being clothes. Thrift stores are a gold mine and God’s gift to the fashionable. Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange, and Plato’s Closet are perfect for a fashionista with a student bank account. During the seasons, stores will put out more pieces that fit with each season. You never know what you will find in thrift stores, but one thing you know for sure is that you will come out with clothes that won’t leave you broke.


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The world of fashion is always turning and changing, which means new styles and clothes that you’ll want ASAP. Shopping at these inexpensive stores just means more money in the bank for more clothes next season!


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