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Which Boutique Do You Like Best?

Shopping malls and stores are one thing, but boutiques are another. Walking into a boutique you have two options: you can either choose to stay and go crazy while shopping, or you can leave knowing that you won’t be able to afford some of the things, because they are set at a really high price. There are boutiques that look beautiful on the inside, but there seems to be so much white space; as if there aren’t enough clothes in there to fill it out. Or, there are those overcrowded ones with clothes everywhere, all sparkly and new, and you just don’t even know which table to walk over to first. One thing you know for sure, though, is that the boutique that doesn’t have many clothes and has a lot of white space has the effect of luring you into thinking there may be some good deals. But, that means those are some pretty nice cocktail dresses and some designers mixed in there, so, the prices will be expensive. When you walk into an overcrowded boutique with many different types of clothes you’ll know you have more to choose from and the prices will range from low to high.

Boutiques give you an overall sense that you can dress up and look glamorous and feel you will look and find something elegant because it is a boutique. It’s smaller, things are easier to find and they are more sparkly! In malls there are so many stores, and you feel like it’s a pattern of seeing the same type of clothes everywhere you go.

Students get a chance to choose from many types of boutiques that can be found in downtown Phoenix walking distance from the campus itself. The boutiques are a mix between vintage and trendy. There are also boutiques located on Mill Avenue, close to the Arizona State University Tempe campus. This gives students a choice to choose between the boutiques and have different varieties. Pitaya and DivaZ Boutique located in Tempe range from sparkly to glam. They have prices are not the so-called  “expensive boutiques.”

But with only two boutiques located on Mill Avenue, competition heats up. Which boutiques do students visit the most? Which ones have the cheapest and trendiest clothes? DivaZ boutique has all sorts of different colors as well as a lot of glam and sparkles. Junior Stephanie Mcpherson is a sales associate and says that the most enjoyable thing about working at the boutique is the fact that everyone that comes in is a regular, and they want the associates to help dress them up for elegant events.

The Chic Daily, Fashion Journalist Club, Agnes Kozina, Which boutique

“It’s a super rewarding feeling,” Mcpherson said. “What sets us apart from any other boutique is the fact that we are more personal, and it makes people feel like family and that they trust us.”

The Chic Daily, Fashion Journalist Club, Agnes Kozina, Which boutique

DivaZ knows how to dress its boutique up for any kind of seasons and deck it out with applicable colors that students will really seem to enjoy. Pitaya boutique is a little bit more casual, yet cute. They have some sparkles, but not too eye catchy overthrown. They have a lot of different colors and some pretty random, neat things you will find in the baskets they put out on their counters.

Sophomore Kelly Lopez, a sales associate says that she really enjoys the people she works with because they all get along really well.

The Chic Daily, Fashion Journalist Club, Agnes Kozina, Which boutique

“Pitaya sets itself apart from other boutiques in the best way. We have affordable, cheap pricing, and we only get each item, one time. That means no one else will be caught wearing what you’re wearing, and if you see it and fall in love with it you have to go and buy it on the spot because you’ll never find anything else similar to it,” Lopez said.

“We also get shipment about three to four times a week which is different than most boutiques.”

The Chic Daily, Fashion Journalist Club, Agnes Kozina, Which boutique

Pitaya knows how to work it. Both boutiques do sense a little bit of competition from one another, and things are sure to heat up from time to time. But in the end, all that matters is that you go and check out both to see which one you like the best, and remember it’s how good you feel in the fashion that you are wearing. No one boutique is better than the other; they’re both full of glam.

Agnes Kozina


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