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Which Style Personality are you?

By Marisa Pieper

How would you describe your style? Are you comfy chic? Are your friends constantly asking to borrow something for going out? Or is your closet filled with so many statement pieces, no one knows what you’re wearing next?

Whatever it may be, your wardrobe reflects your personality.

How you dress is considered your Style Personality. There are four distinct Style Personalities: the Classic Modern, Pure Natural, Style Fashionista and Creative Original.

Classic Modern

Let’s start with the Classic Modern. Classic Modern describes looks that are sophisticated, elegant, and have a timeless nature about them. These pieces are polished and put together.

Style Personalities Picture 1

“She looks like she spent a million dollars on her wardrobe, yet probably found each piece on sale because she knows exactly what she’s looking for.”

The Classic Modern shops at places like Banana Republic, Loft, New York & Company and any local consignment shop.

A few celebrity examples would be Audrey Hepburn and Taylor Swift.

Style Personalities Picture 2
Style Personalities Picture 3

Pure Natural

Our next Style Personality is the Pure Natural. The Pure Natural is cute and casual! They can be found wearing loose, soft and comfortable pieces. They’re totally laid-back.

Style Personalities Picture 4

The Pure Natural is a breath of fresh air. They’re likely to shop at places like Old Navy, Gap, Ralph Lauren, Target and J. Crew.

An iconic example is Jennifer Lawrence!

Style Personalities Picture 5

Style Fashionista

Style Fashionistas are always trying the latest trends. They’re experimenting with bold, new prints and bright pops of color. These fashionistas always manage to put completely fabulous outfits together.

Style Personalities Picture 6

Not only do Style Fashionistas know what to wear, but they also know how to wear and accessorize all of their looks.

Their go-to shopping brands include Kate Spade, Francesca’s, Charlotte Russe and H&M.

A super Style Fashionista celeb is Blake Lively!

Style Personalities Picture 7

Creative Original

Creative Originals radiate originality and creativity (hence the name). They mix and match their unique pieces and have fun while doing it.

Style Personalities Picture 8.jpg

They shop at Buffalo Exchange, local thrift shops, consignment stores, Nordstrom Rack, Ross, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters.

Some celebrity examples are Lady Gaga and Alicia Keys.

Style Personalities Picture 9
Style Personalities Picture 10

What Style Personality are you? Share it with us on social media!

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