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Work out with your favorite Youtube fitness stars

By Madison DeHaven

It’s Saturday morning and maybe you slept in a little late, thus missing your usual workout class. Or maybe working out just seems like too much, um, work, and you would rather just relax and watch funny videos on YouTube. Luckily, you don’t have to move far from your screen to get a good workout. Here are three YouTube fitness stars to get you through a stress-free workout:

Tara Stiles

Tara - yoga (pic 1)

Founder of the Strala yoga program, YouTuber TaraStiles has a workout for just about everything. Featuring routines for various levels, from beginner to advanced, Stiles’ videos are typically short and fast-paced, making them perfect for a quick yoga fix any time of the day. Her easygoing attitude is heard in her calm voice as she guides viewers through a routine. She often emphasizes the importance of not forcing a pose and offers fun inversions to basic moves as well as less challenging alternatives. My personal favorite videos are Yoga for Inspiration and Yoga for Getting Out of Your Own Way.

Cassie Ho

Cassie - pilates (pic 2)

With her unyielding enthusiasm and can-do attitude, Cassie Ho’s blogilates channel is a great choice when working out just feels like a chore. Her Pilates workouts are made fun with her encouraging words and animated conversations. Working out with Cassie is basically like working out with your best friend. Workouts can be found for beginners as well as quick challenges to really push yourself. Try POP Pilates For Beginners – Total Body Workout for a longer, step-by-step introduction to Pilates.

Adriene Mishler

Adriene yoga (pic 3)

YouTuber YogaWithAdriene brings an especially chill vibe to her yoga practice. If you are looking for a more grounding workout to start your day, Adriene’s cheerful brand of chill will encourage you to take your time and focus on your self-awareness. You won’t even realize you’ve worked out until you’re sore the next day. For example, take her Day 6 – SIX PACK ABS video from her 30 Days of Yoga series. Your abs will be sore for days. For something less intense, check out her Moring Yoga routine for a gentle wakeup.


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