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ASU FIDM Uncertainty fashion show proves certain success

By Luna Bonneau

ASU FIDM senior students showed off their amazing capstone collections at the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall on April 13 as part of the ASU Uncertainty Fashion Show. The senior students majoring in fashion design at ASU FIDM worked all year to create a small collection of original garments from their own drafted patterns for this show. 

ASU hosts this event specifically for these students to present their designs and gain experience before they graduate. Each student designer drew inspiration from their unique experiences and perspectives in creating their garments. As the show began, it  quickly became packed and even reached an audience on the third floor of the mall. 

The show opened with designs by Caroline McDonald and set the mood for the entire show. The first design to appear on the runway was a knitted green top and flowy skirt with white, tan, and green horizontal stripes, which also had an element of surprise. As the model confidently walked down the runway her knitted green top unraveled until she then took what was left of the green knit cover off to reveal a different top underneath. This new piece matched her skirt with the same material, color, and pattern, setting expectations high for the rest of the show.

The rest of the show didn’t disappoint, as each look stood out with unique details, silhouettes, and colors. Earth tones took precedence at the beginning of the show, but as the event progressed it transitioned to bright colors with more structured garments and glittering fabrics. Some of the looks had billowing sleeves that puffed out towards the wrists. Some pieces used fabrics that had metallic lace elements or a slight sparkle, giving a more elegant look to the piece. 

It was the small details that really made each piece stand out. Scorpions were seen throughout Samantha Angulo’s designs, giving each piece a unique element that was recognizable to her garments. Veils were an interesting element used as well, mostly seen throughout Katie Swenson’s collection, giving the designs a dreamy aspect and a twist to the traditional bridal look.

The show closed with Alex Diesner’s beautiful and elegant designs. The models were a vision in shimmering hues of navy blue, black, and silver, as they walked down the runway to the song “Diamondsby Rhianna. The collection consisted of sparkling tops with fringe elements, bodysuits with glittering sheer skirts, and the finale which was a show-stopping silver and black gown. The gown featured a triangular-shaped neckline with the tip pointing towards the extravagantly bejeweled choker. The gown had two notable layers, the first being a short glittery silver layer that starts at the top and stops about halfway down the skirt with an asymmetrical finish. The second layer is a black underskirt that flows out creating a long train behind the gown.

From funky patterns to elegant sparkling gowns, each designer created very unique and well-crafted garments. These capstone seniors should be very proud as all of their hard work paid off and they were able to create something so immensely beautiful.


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