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Chasing After the Wind Presented by Alexandre Orr

By Olivia Madrid

Photo provided by Alexandre Orr

TEMPE, AZ — Local fashion designer Alexandre Orr brought together the fashion community with a show celebrating a shared love for fashion and empowerment. 

Orr’s show was presented March 2 in Culdesac, Tempe’s first car-free development. Before the show, over 200 attendees browsed the showcased goods of twelve vendors, while VIP attendees had exclusive access to backstage presentations of the designers' collections. It was a conglomerate of creatives sharing laughs in between racks of clothes and local snacks. 

The show began as the sun was setting, creating the perfect ambiance in marriage with the relaxed R&B instrumentals playing. 

Inspired by wars and the concept of "seeing is believing," Tyson Alonzo's collection, “Transcend Apparel,” revolves around religious themes, urging viewers to reflect on the significance of clothing in worldly contexts. Pieces are repurposed, symbolizing transformation and renewal with a focus on religion's influence on jewelry. The use of red repurposed denim and patches adds a bold statement, while the inclusion of a party video backdrop adds an unexpected element of intrigue.

Crystin Dior, a designer, drew inspiration from her hometown of El Paso, Texas, and familial relationships. Hand-painted motifs evoke memories of rooftop gatherings with friends, intertwined with the city's Texas Catholicism roots. Red hues and ribbons symbolize passion and tradition, while skull patterns and Virgin Mary embroideries infuse the collection with cultural depth. The juxtaposition of urban elements like skateboards with traditional garments reflects Dior's unique blend of modernity and heritage.

For the daring wearer, Expired Citizens, presented by Dale Horton, intricately crafted pieces that demand attention. A black lace shirt contrasts with a bullet jacket two-piece ensemble, while a white jacket adorned with plentiful pockets exudes utilitarian chic. Patchwork denim and plaid motifs create a visually stimulating effect, while a firework display of colors and textures adds a dynamic touch to the collection.

SSF Purple Label showcased a collection that celebrates the art of thrifting and personal style, representing designer, Justin Gonzalez’s, thrill of discovery and self-expression. Ballistic wear in red and black dominates the lineup, paired with denim skirts, jorts, and layered button-ups for a quintessential thrifting culture look. A playful mix of patterns and textures such as denim adds depth to each ensemble, while bucket hats and skateboards serve as playful accessories.

Throne of Grace presents streetwear infused with urban flair. Tony James’ classic streetwear silhouettes are elevated with unexpected details, such as a tiny tree car scent with the words “Throne of Grace” adorned a white tee. Walking in the show was his daughter, showing the familial love that echoed throughout the entire show. Preppy meets punk with crew necks and pearl necklaces, while long puffers and black boots exude an air of urban sophistication. Each ensemble is a testament to grace and style, merging comfort with love.

To end the opening designers and preface Orr’s line was a performance by model Jonathan Cuero, where he ran around the venue appearing lost and confused. In a suit, Cuero’s performance is live on screen, until he runs towards the catwalk, and is suddenly seated in a chair. While the audience gazes at him, the finale begins.  

To start off is a speech on the meaning of Chasing After the Wind. “One day, I Googled Bible verses about the meaning of life. What came up was the book of Ecclesiastes, where a character has accomplished everything and anything under the sun, but still feels like they're chasing something that can’t be caught: the wind.”

The collection was described as an embodiment of honesty, both in the brand's ethos and the designer's personal journey. The designer's Christian upbringing served as a backdrop to the collection, representing a journey back to self-discovery and authenticity. “We are trying to find meaning in the clothing that we create, and answer the question, what wind are we chasing?”

Cotton pullovers emblazoned with the phrase "Raison D'Etre," translating to "reason for being" in French, made a statement as they graced the runway, offering a glimpse into the philosophy behind the collection. Paired effortlessly with matching sweatpants, the ensemble epitomized the comfort and ease of streetwear, resonating with the preferences of modern individuals. Reflecting on the collection, Orr articulated, “This was born out of necessity. Women like wearing mens clothes, they like baggier silhouettes. It wasn’t a unisex thing, it was clothing that happened to fit and look good on them. I just design for people who like the design.” Adding a touch of sophistication, black ties were artfully integrated into the majority of the collections, seamlessly bridging the gap between menswear and gender-neutral fashion. Furthermore, denim made its presence felt throughout the collection, bringing a timeless element to the lineup while serving as a testament to Orr's commitment to versatility and style.

Orr concluded by affirming a connection to people and a commitment to authenticity. The collection symbolized not only a return to self but also a celebration of individuality and self-acceptance. Through fashion, the designer found a means to express and affirm his identity, ultimately embracing his true self. “I grew up Christian. This collection was a journey collection, I feel like I lost my way with not just Christianity, but how I portray myself. This was that journey back to who I am.” 

Select items are available for pre-order at You can find him on Instagram at byalexandre_ or alexandreorr.


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