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Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa Review

By Olivia Madrid

Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa, nestled in Gilbert, Arizona, stands as a haven for those seeking comprehensive wellness solutions for their skin and hair. Upon stepping through its doors, visitors are greeted by the comforting aroma of essential oils and the radiant smiles of its staff, instantly enveloping them in an atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation. As I settled in and completed paperwork detailing my skin concerns, I had the pleasure of conversing with co-owner Dallas Sloan.

Sloan guided me through the shop, as I trailed her in awe of the technology and cleanliness. Aligning the walls were high-quality and dermatologist-approved skin and haircare, as we rounded the corner into a smaller closed-off room.

I was introduced to the Emage Image Pro 4D: a groundbreaking skin imaging and face scanning device. This advanced technology shows an in-depth, 4D perspective of the skin's structure, revealing pores, skin spots and potential future problem areas. 

“We get a baseline with it, and then as we do a treatment plan we can see how the skin is progressing and changing under the skin's surface,” Sloan said. 

Using incredibly high resolution, microscopic-like detailed images show beneath what the eye can see.

“It’s great for preventative treatment…so if someone has sun damage, we can make a recommendation if we see something concerning to have [a client] go see a dermatologist to have them take a further look,” she continues. By anticipating issues before they manifest, professionals can recommend proactive treatments, ensuring the best results for clients. 

Further, Colair partnered with Doctor Nicholas Hoole, PhD, who earned his degree in biomedical engineering at Arizona State University, to use red light therapy for relaxation. He studied the vagus nerve, and how simulation can improve an array of mental health issues. The red light stimulates the vagus nerve, and once stimulated, can take our body from fight or flight to a more relaxed state. Colair’s spa features two six-foot red light panels to help with not only skincare, but also internally, like muscles and brain health. They provide a guided meditation along with the red light, where you can stand in between the panels and recharge. The current use is only for employees to destress in between shifts, however, Colair partnered with the city of Gilbert to place some panels in local firefighter and police stations.

Venturing further down in their med spa bay, zero gravity chairs with IV bags line the front entrance. They do vampire facials, a form of microneedling where blood is spun in a centrifuge — a device that rapidly spins fluids in a container to separate components based on density. The plasma is used to rejuvenate the skin and is commonly used for anti-aging. This bay is where they do their botox, injections and dental care. 

Additionally, the spa does injections of B vitamins, a way to get them directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. Our digestive system absorbs between 20% and 98% of vitamins from food, according to Cambridge University, so if someone is deficient it is a great way to get them to get all of the vitamins. 

As we returned to the main shop, my room was ready for my facial. I met with Kindell, one of the medical estheticians, and she took me back to the room with the facial scanning device. I placed my chin on a chin rest while a light flashed in front of my closed eyes, and within seconds, a full, detailed analysis of my skin was on their computer. Kindell had explained the numbers and graphics on the screen. The skin analysis showed my personal problem areas, and she kindly explained how the treatments she would be doing would improve my skin issues. Following the scan, I was sent an email of the results so I wouldn’t forget, with notes of the explanation and products that would benefit my skin.

I know my skin is prone to acne as I face issues with oil balance. After the analysis, I discovered that my skin is actually a combination type with signs of aging spots. Kindell guided me to a serene room furnished with a cozy bed, soft towels, and ambient lighting accompanied by tranquil music. After changing into a towel and settling into the bed, she initiated the process of opening my pores with steam while engaging in a conversation about dogs, my skin and her journey to becoming an esthetician. She shared how her skincare struggles fueled her desire to assist others with their skin concerns. 

As she applied various products to my skin, Kindell attentively ensured my comfort and listened compassionately to me, displaying genuine kindness throughout our interaction. She finished up, and gave me complimentary products that she used, including a serum and moisturizer she ensured would benefit my skin's health. 

Concluding my time at Colair Beauty Lounge were more smiles and thank yous from receptionists. The welcoming demeanor of all staff members and the expertise of the team guaranteed my decision to come back. I felt more confident in what my skin needs, thanks to their investment in great technology and brilliant estheticians. 

You can find them located at 1440 S. Higley Road Suite 108, Gilbert AZ 85296, and contact the team at or (480) 923-6138.


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