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Doja Cat’s First Vogue Cover

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

By Camryn McLen

Doja Cat, an American singer, rapper and songwriter, has landed her first Vogue cover for Vogue Singapore with two different cover photos.

The first photo pictures her in an old school Hollywood glam look wearing silver from head to toe. Vogue Singapore lists her outfit starting with a silver, sparkly Alexander McQueen bustier, sparkly Carolina Herrera pants, a mesh and feathery robe from Ludo Garnier and a sparkling headpiece from Natalia Fedner.

In the second cover photo, she is pictured wearing a patterned top and skirt from Paco Rabanne and a headpiece from Chained by Sedona.

Other garments used in the photoshoot include a Giorgio Armani dress, a top and skirt from Rick Owens and a top and skirt from Givenchy.

Doja’s cover story discusses her early life, her authentic self, what music means to her as well as her presence and personality among social media platforms. The story also discusses her rise to fame after her hit song “Say So” went viral on TikTok in 2020.

Doja said that although she wants people to feel something from her music, there isn’t always a deeper meaning or message behind her songs.

“When I do something, I try not to put too much of a concept behind it,” Doja said. “I usually vibe and make songs, and whatever sounds good I smash it together.”

Unique Wear, a longtime fan of Doja, was beyond excited when she discovered that Doja was the cover star for Vogue Singapore’s April issue.

“Obviously the outfits they put her in were absolutely gorgeous. She looks magnificent,” Wear said. “However, reading through the article I really appreciate how the writer tries to delve deeper into Doja not only as an artist but also as an individual.”

What Wear liked most about the article was that it showed Doja’s personable side as well as how it showed who and what raised her on music.

“I appreciate how Doja was able to express where her creativity lies,” Wear said. “She gave credit to those who raised her in a sense, or the things that really helped her develop into an entertainer.”

When it comes to Doja’s style, just like with her music, she can pull off almost anything. Whether it’s a black Vivienne Westwood bustier leotard with red thigh-high stockings at the VMAs, or an icy, blue sparkly floor-length gown from Versace at the Grammys, Doja’s style is truly versatile.

Her creative director, Brett Alan Nelson, told Vogue that the beginning of their journey was rough when it came to budgets and at the time, Doja didn’t know much about fashion.

Photography © Sharif Hamza for Vogue Singapore

“Doja’s style is always evolving,” Nelson said. “It’s hard to pinpoint what it is because she is a chameleon and can do anything.”

Doja also mentioned her excitement for the Grammys, which took place on Sunday, April 3. She won the pop duo/group performance category with artist SZA for their song “Kiss Me More.”

This isn’t Doja’s first magazine cover, but it’s her first Vogue cover. Doja has done covers for other magazines including Cosmopolitan, Rolling Stone, Interview Magazine and Billboard. We can’t wait to see what cover Doja will appear on next.


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All photos from Google


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